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Mars Transits - Calls to Action or to War!



What’s the Meaning of Mars in Astrology?

Mars is the planetary symbol of our fighting spirit, in both the positive and negative sense of the term.

By stimulating our courage, our adrenaline, and our urge to assert ourselves, Mars drives us to take bold, energetic actions. That’s a big help when these are needed for demanding physical challenges and jobs of work. But not so when they’re motivated by anger, hostility and aggression.

The fighting spirit we get from Mars enables us to take on, and defeat, our personal fears and weaknesses in order to successfully accomplish our goals. But it also makes us prone to unjustifiably going on the attack towards other people. Not without good reason is Mars known as the planet of war!

What Are Transits?

Transits refer to the aspects (or angles) formed by a planet – in this case Mars – as it moves through the sky relative to key elements of our birth chart.

Helpful Mars transits, such as the Trine (120°) and Sextile (60°), make it easier for us to connect with our positive fighting spirit and use it for constructive purposes.

Challenging Mars transits, such as the Square (90°) and Opposition (180°), are more likely to send us on the warpath, and using them constructively will require a good deal of effort and self-control on our part. Neutral transits, such as the Conjunction (0°), can go either way.

The Influence of Mars Transits on our Personal Planets

When Mars is transiting – i.e. moving across or forming an angular relationship with – one of our personal planets, it will energize a different part of our psyche for better or worse, depending on whether the transit is of a helpful or challenging kind (see above).

Mars transits to our natal Sun energize our ego drive:

Helpful Mars-Sun transits stimulate our self-expressive instincts and enable us to get creative projects done. Challenging Mars-Sun transits get us into fights caused by ego conflicts, rivalry and wounded pride.

Mars transits to our natal Moon energize our emotions:

Helpful Mars-Moon transits make us feel strong, buoyant and upbeat, and enable us to successfully deal with emotionally charged issues. Challenging Mars-Moon transits get us into fights caused by our impatience, irritability and touchiness.

Mars transits to our natal Mercury energize our mind and communication:

Helpful Mars-Mercury transits make us more mentally active and verbally incisive and enable us to get writing and study projects done. Challenging Mars-Mercury transits get us into fights caused by our over-argumentativeness and angry outspokenness. 

Mars transits to our natal Venus energize our love and sex drive:

Helpful Mars-Venus transits stimulate our urge to advance our love life by initiating a new romantic or sexual relationship. Challenging Mars-Venus transits get us into fights caused by our frustrated desires or love rivalries.

Mars transits to our natal Mars energize our willpower:

Helpful Mars-Mars transits increase our bodily strength and psychological confidence, giving us the will to win and get physically demanding tasks done.

Challenging Mars-Mars transits get us into fights caused by our over-competitiveness and desire to win at all costs.

The Role of Freewill in Transits

It’s by no means inevitable that a challenging Mars transit will always get us into a fight, any more than we will always take full advantage of a helpful one to get something worthwhile done. Remember the Stars only ever incline, and never compel!

We can use our freewill to enhance the constructive effects of helpful Mars transits and diminish the destructive effects of the more challenging ones, if we know when they’re hitting off features of our birth chart.

Many times when we’re feeling exceptionally bad tempered, just checking our personalized horoscope and noting that Mars is up to its mischief again is enough to instantly dispel our anger. Similarly, if we have advance notice that a particular day has the potential to make us unusually energetic and productive, we can resolve to make the very most of it.

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