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Which Star Signs Tend To Be The Most Faithful?


photoFaithfulness is a quality almost everyone is looking for in a lover, with only a few of us opting for a non-exclusive relationship, where one or both people are free to have affairs on the side. If, in the past, we have ever been cheated on by a partner, trying to prevent it from happening again will be especially important. With this in mind, which of the star signs score highly when it comes to fidelity – and which ones are the most likely to stray?

Which Star Signs Score Well For Fidelity?

Because they are renowned for their loyalty and dependability, all the fixed signs with the exception of Aquarius – i.e. TAURUS, LEO and SCORPIO – tend to make trustworthy lovers. If you do run into trouble with one of these star signs, you usually get plenty of warning. Being ‘fixed’, they’re slow to make changes and once established in a comfortable romantic routine, no matter how great the romantic temptation they are generally reluctant to budge.

A word of warning, however, about SCORPIO: While you’ll never find a more steadfast and devoted lover than a Scorpio, they will only be faithful as long as you are and not one moment more. If you break a Scorpio’s trust by two-timing them, you’ll lose their loyalty forever – and you can expect some kind of revenge pay-back in return.

CAPRICORN is another star sign well known for taking its love commitments seriously. What Capricorn wants is the kind of partner who will help their career, boost their status and give them a leg up in life. When they’ve finally found that special person who fulfils not only their romantic but also their practical needs, no way are they going to risk losing them just for the sake of a brief affair.

For VIRGO too – like Capricorn another feet-on-the-ground earth sign – practical considerations prevail where love is concerned and sex isn’t usually a particularly big deal. Certainly, this sign isn’t known for its philandering – probably because, being a workaholic by nature, it simply doesn’t have the time.

Home and family loving CANCER will rarely stray in a steady relationship, provided their need for emotional and material security is being met. The main focus in life of this sensitive water sign is finding a soul mate with whom they can put down permanent roots. If they think you’re the One, they’ll never leave you, even to the point of being a bit overly clingy at times. If, on the other hand, you fail to meet their requirements, they’ll waste no time in looking for somebody who will

Which Star Signs Are More Likely to Cheat?

The star signs most likely to be unfaithful are basically those for whom personal freedom tends to comes before partner commitment. Independent ARIES can have problems containing its red-hot libido and no matter how long it has been in a relationship, deep down it always tends to think of itself as single and fancy-free. Similarly, GEMINI and its opposite sign SAGITTARIUS are natural born flirts who need lots of space in their relationships and can’t stand to be tied down.

AQUARIUS also comes under this category. As the sign ruled by Uranus, the planet of experimentation, it’s often drawn to open relationships and its maxim is ‘anything goes’. Bear in mind that the best way to encourage any of these star signs to cheat on you is to tell them that they must not. Give them a free rein, on the other hand, and they’re less likely to feel the need to stray. However, if you’re the possessive type or a bit insecure, you could find their freewheeling love style hard to handle.

You might believe you’re on safe ground with LIBRA, the sign of true love and partnership. But it’s unwise to count on their loyalty until they’ve given you a firm and final commitment. Most Librans suffer from the dilemma of never quite knowing what they want, while finding it impossible ever to say no. Add to this their special talent for attracting the opposite sex very easily, and it’s not hard to see why they have a (possibly unfair) reputation for being unfaithful.

And finally we come to PISCES, the slippery fish who falls in – and out – of love a little too easily and has an occasional problem with truthfulness. No matter how well you think you know your Pisces lover, you can never be quite sure what they’re getting up to, and because all Pisceans are experts at covering their tracks, you’re unlikely ever to find out. Maybe it’s better that way!

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