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The Importance of Venus and Mars in Relationship Astrology


photoWhy cross-aspects between Venus and Mars, the planetary symbols of feminine and masculine sexuality, are the most powerful astrological indicators of mutual attraction in romantic relationships.

Venus and Mars as Symbols of Femininity and Masculinity

The astrological symbols for Venus and Mars are the same as those used in biology to represent the feminine and masculine principles. In most animals, the process of reproduction is based on a coming together of the female and the male, where the role of the female is generally to attract, and that of the male to take the necessary action. In this sense the role of the female tends to be more passive or ‘yin’ and that of the male more assertive or ‘yang’.

Venus and Mars in Relationship Astrology

In relationship astrology, the planet Venus represents the archetypally feminine, passive or ‘yin’ energy, while the planet Mars is more archtypally masculine, active or ‘yang’. When one person’s Venus strikes the right vibrational note with another’s Mars, both will instinctively sense that their yin and yang energies are connected. In that case the Venus individual will set out to attract the Mars individual in order to stimulate their desire nature and receive sexual energy from them.

Cross-aspects between Venus in a female’s birth chart and Mars in a male’s are the most reliable indicators of mutual sexual chemistry since each will be playing their natural biological role.

When the cross-aspect is the other way round – i.e. when the male’s Venus is contacted by the female’s Mars – the yin-yang chemistry between the two people will be equally valid. But if anything is to come of it, it will need to play out in a biologically non-typical way with the female adopting the archetypally Martian, more assertive role. While many women are nowadays quite comfortable making the first move in a relationship, others still see this as in some way ‘unladylike’ or unnatural.

Different Kinds of Venus/Mars Cross-Aspects

When Venus in one person’s birth chart is Conjunct, Trine or Sextile (0°, 60° or 120° from) the other person’s Mars, psychologically they beautifully complement each other in terms of yin and yang energies, giving them a wonderful sense of wholeness. As a result, romantic feelings between them will probably be very strong and sexually they will be highly compatible. These Venus/Mars cross-aspects are the most likely to produce a sense of being ‘in love’. At the very least the two people will like each other a great deal and see each other as a really special friend.

In the case of the more stressful Venus/Mars cross-aspects, i.e. the 90° Square, 180° Opposition and 135° Quincunx, the burning passion and desire the Mars individual feels for the Venus individual may be even stronger than with the harmonious contacts, but when frustrated can often spill over into anger or aggression. Because there’s an element of love-hate in these circumstances, these relationships are likely to be quite stormy and fiery with a good deal of jealousy and possessiveness, especially on the part of the Mars player.



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