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Astrology and Matchmaking



Most people’s knowledge of astrology is limited to Sun signs – a simplistic branch of the subject popularized by newspaper “star signs” columns. Yet in reality astrology is an ancient and distinguished spiritual science.

Dating from the earliest Babylonian times, its principles were established by learned priest astronomers who recognised, and recorded, the extraordinary correlation that exists between the movement of the planets and happenings on earth.  

Since then, it has fascinated minds no less brilliant than those of Confucius, Pythagoras and Plato, Galileo, Newton and Jung – to name but a few. And throughout the ages, in every civilization, it has served as a source of inspiration to those seeking knowledge and guidance. 

Now, with the unprecedented stresses of our modern-day lives, that same wisdom which has been available to us for so many thousands of years is probably more relevant than at any time before. Relationships are breaking down at an unparalleled rate, and with nearly one in two marriages ending in divorce, the criteria we are using to select our partners are clearly somewhat lacking. More than ever, we could benefit from a bit of help – and astrology offers some valuable answers. 

Cosmic Chemistry

In eastern countries such as India, astrology has long been used for matchmaking and still is, to a large extent, with excellent results. Its advantage, compared to methods that rely solely on the matching of common interests and backgrounds, is its ability to cut through the relatively superficial stuff and go straight to the heart of what really draws people together.  

We all know that without a certain spark, a certain magic, however promising a relationship may appear in theory or on paper, eventually it will prove to be disappointing. It’s this vital “cosmic chemistry”, which exists between two people when they resonate in perfect harmony – and which is always present in the case of true love – that only astrology can highlight.

Good chemistry is a lot more than simple sexual attraction, although obviously this is fundamentally important in the early days of a love affair. Equally significant, from a long-term point of view, are factors such as good communication, strong emotional empathy, and a similar sense of humor. Likewise, true friendship and a genuine sense of commitment. 

Unique in the way it throws light on all these issues and more, astrology has proved itself an effective tool for gauging our compatibility with another individual – and thereby selecting the right partner.

What is Astrology?

In essence, astrology is a system of divination that involves calculating and interpreting a map of the solar system, plotted against the backdrop of the Zodiac, for a specific moment in time and a specific geographical location.  

Natal astrology, based on a chart drawn up for the time and place of birth of an individual, is widely used as an accurate method of personality analysis, while predictive astrology compares the individual’s birth chart with a current map of the sky in order to make specific forecasts. These applications can be useful in assessing an individual’s personal approach to relationships and making forecasts about their love life. But for the purpose of matchmaking, we are concerned principally with the branch of astrology known as synastry. 

Synastry, or the art of horoscope comparison, requires a detailed study of two birth charts, paying particular attention to the respective positions of all the planets – including the Sun and Moon – and the intricate geometric patterns they form in relation to each other. Each of these has a vital bearing on the compatibility of the two individuals, and each must be taken into consideration in a matchmaking report.  

Age-Old Wisdom – Brand New Technology

Not so very long ago, astrology was a highly guarded occult science, which remained exclusively in the hands of its learned and largely inaccessible practitioners. Available only to those who could afford their costly services, the wisdom of astrology was reserved for the social elite – and its insights were, for the most part, denied to ordinary people.

Recent developments in computer technology have, however, revolutionized the availability – and potential uses – of astrology. For information about our love life, it is no longer necessary to commission the services of a professional astrologer. The complex and mathematically challenging calculations which previously called for many hours of painstaking manual work can now be performed instantaneously on-line. 

Groundbreaking software enables the large number of variables required to interpret the charts of two people, their relationship, and its likely future development to be computed at the touch of a button, and at minimal cost. The age-old wisdom of astrology is brought up to date in an exciting way to reflect the relationship needs of the modern world. And secrets once known only to the privileged few are now available to the world at large.


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