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How Astrology Can Help You to Get Your Ex Back



Clever astrological techniques based on your own and your Ex’s birth data that could boost your chances of getting back together again.

Where love and romance are concerned, there are basically two types of break-ups. In the worse case scenario the relationship has clearly run its course, and both people know deep in their hearts there’s little chance of making it work again. With this kind of final ending, there’s probably nothing astrology can do to help. 

But when an inherently good relationship has simply run up against a few difficulties, provided at least one person really wants it to survive, and knows the right techniques to help it to do so, the flame of love can often be re-ignited and start burning brightly again. 

If you’re reading this article because you have fallen out with your Ex and you believe there’s a good chance of getting them back, we have some important tips for you to help you do just that. 

First and foremost, it’s vital to pick a good day when the Stars are on your side to approach your Ex. Astroreveal’s PERSONAL LOVE CALENDAR will highlight the days when you’re at your most seductive and when your persuasive powers are at their height. 

You’ll also need to take a look at your Ex’s birth chart to find out when their heart is most open and they’re most susceptible to your charms. AstroReveal’s WHEN TO SEDUCE YOUR DATE will tell you all the information you need.

Ideally you’ll time your quest to get your Ex back to coincide with a good day both for you and for them. But provided the Stars are in the right place for at least one of you, you’ll boost your chances of success.

Next you’ll need to brush up on the kind of seduction strategies most likely to work with your Ex. Astroreveal’s PERSONALIZED DATING TIPS (free when you take out FREE 3 month membership) will remind you of the six most important things you need to know about them based on the configuration of Venus (the planet of love) in their birth chart. 

You’ll also learn the key Do’s and Don’ts in your relationship symbolized by the most important astrological contacts (both good and bad) between your birth charts.  Imagine this is a brand new love affair where you’re setting out to win your Ex’s heart all over again.

Finally, the most important thing you need to know is what was the cause of the break-up. Although sometimes this will be fairly obvious, for example because one of you was cheating on the other. But quite often the reasons for a break-up can be quite subtle and here the fascinating insights contained in AstroReveal's KISS AND MAKE UP report could really help.



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