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Which Star Signs Make The Best Marriage Material?


photoWe all know that being madly in love doesn’t necessarily equate with living happily together ever after. Romantic excitement doesn’t always go hand in hand with long-term commitment and often the best boyfriends or girlfriends are actually the worst kind of marriage material. The truth is that some star signs are more suited to tying the knot, while others may be better for a quick fling. A lot depends, however, on exactly how you see marriage.

Which Signs Are The Most Domesticated?

 If you’re looking for a life of homely bliss in a cozy nest with ‘roses around the door’ – perhaps with a couple of kids – then clearly you need a partner who’s the domesticated type. In this case a family loving Cancer is likely to be a good choice. Usually well house-trained, these people are great home-makers and excellent cooks, and because they genuinely like children, tend to make great parents too.

You’ll certainly have a spick and span home if you wed a Virgo. This star sign normally has no problem pulling its weight with household chores, enjoys DIY and gardening and – no matter much it complains about your untidiness – is quietly happiest when cleaning up your mess. It’s a sign that can drive you mad with its domestic pickiness though, and like Cancer, it gets rather neurotic when under stress.

Which Signs Make The Best Providers?

If, on the other hand, you view marriage as a vehicle for improving your material status (and let’s not forget that in times of old, this was the primary motivation for seeking a mate), you’ll need someone who’s good at making money and keen to get on in the world. In that case look no further than Capricorn or Taurus, both reliable providers, although Capricorn has a tendency to put its career before quality one-on-one couple time.

A Leo or Scorpio spouse can also help you to fulfil your ambitions in life, while making intensely loyal and dependable partners, but you may have to accept they’ll always be the one in charge. Both of these ‘fixed’ signs tend to be quite inflexible and controlling and can be difficult to live with if denied their own way. If you’d prefer your marriage to be more of a partnership of equals, why not try an easy-going Libra instead?

Which Signs Are Best For Long-Term Romance?

, the sign that rules romantic partnership, is quite naturally many people’s idea of perfect marriage material and it’s true that its willingness to give and take and to treat its other half scrupulously fairly generally makes it a great catch. Because relationships always take priority in a Libra’s life, if you marry one you can usually rely on them putting you first. That said, if you want a more dominant partner, you may find them rather wishy-washy at times.
The same goes for Pisces, a star sign that tends to be rather submissive by nature, often lives with its head in the clouds, and has a hard time handling responsibilities. True, you’ll never be short of romance, affection and emotional support if you wed a Pisces. However, if you want someone to take care of all the practicalities and make all the tough decisions in the marriage, you could be disappointed. The likelihood is they’ll fall on your shoulders.

Which Are The Least Boring Marriage Partners?

Other signs less likely to be good marriage material are those for whom personal freedom and individuality tend to come before togetherness and working as a team. Aries, Gemini, Sagittarius and Aquarius, for example, are often far too independent and restless to accept the kind of compromises that marriage can entail. Yet ironically, like Pisces, they’re among the most sought after boyfriends/girlfriends because they’re such good fun to be around.

If you do tie the knot with one of these star signs, you will certainly reduce the chances of your marriage deteriorating into a state of boring tedium once the flush of first love is past. On the positive side, marriage to one of these signs can be an everlasting love affair; on the negative side, they may not provide you with the level of commitment and dependability you require.

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