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Which Star Signs Make the Best Lovers?


photoWhere sex is concerned, Scorpio certainly has a lot to live up to! In astrological surveys it tops the polls as the Zodiac’s hottest lover, and even to people with little knowledge of the Stars, the words ‘Scorpio’ and ‘sex’ are virtually synonymous. Anatomically, Scorpio is associated with the genitals, which probably explains quite a bit! It’s also the ruler of the Eighth House – the sector of the birth chart associated with sexual intimacy, orgasms and all things erotic. Need we say any more?

Reputations Aren't Everything!

But let’s not forget that reputations don’t always hold up in reality. Which is probably fortunate for VIRGO, the Sign with an (undeserved) name for being a dud between the sheets. Okay, so Virgo is the Latin word for virgin. But that doesn’t mean that people born under this Earthy Star Sign are any more inclined towards celibacy than anyone else. Nerdy lovers who enjoy swotting up on new skills, many Virgos are avid practitioners of intricate sexual techniques.

Which Signs Are The Most Touchy-Feely?

The other two Earth Signs, TAURUS and CAPRICORN, tend to fare a lot better in the bedroom popularity stakes. These people are renowned for their lusty sensuality, being among the most physically demonstrative and touchy-feely of the Star Signs. But perhaps their greatest sexual talent is their remarkable stamina which generally guarantees full satisfaction. Don’t expect too much, however, in the way of eloquent pillow talk from any of the Earth Signs. By and large, they’re strong and silent types.
Which Are The Best Signs For Love Chat?

Bedroom communication tends to work better with the Air Signs, GEMINI, LIBRA and AQUARIUS. These Star Signs are well known for their silver-tongued love chat. But it’s all jokey, light-hearted stuff which might not be enough for those looking for more depth and emotional closeness. For this reason the Air Signs don’t rank too highly as to-die-for lovers. Except for Aquarius, of course, which has a name for being the most sexually uninhibited - and also the kinkiest - of all the Star Signs!

Which Signs Are Most Playful In The Bedroom?

The red-blooded Fire Signs, ARIES, LEO and SAGITTARIUS certainly give Scorpio some strong competition for the title of Zodiac’s hottest lover. Warm-hearted, passionate and renowned for their playfulness in the bedroom, they have a knack for turning everyday sex into a thrilling and memorable occasion. Ego gratification can tend to get in the way of mutual consideration though with Leo, in particular, often more focused on delivering an Oscar winning performance than responding to its partner’s emotional needs.

Which Signs Make The Most Thoughtful Lovers?

What the Fire Signs lack in the way of sensitivity and empathy, the Water Signs, CANCER, SCORPIO and PISCES are able to supply in abundance. All these Star Signs are popular among those looking for a thoughtful and gentle lover. However, Cancer and Pisces are often considered a little too submissive and passive by people who want more sexual oomph in a romantic partner. In the case of the Water Signs, too much emotional empathy sometimes hinders the expression of raw, lustful passion. Scorpio, however, somehow manages to combine the best of both worlds.

Will The Earth Move For You With a Scorpio?

Jointly ruled by hot-blooded Mars and Pluto, the god of the underworld, SCORPIO is unique among all the Star Signs in bringing both physical passion and emotional intensity to its sexual relationships. More than anyone else, Scorpio seems to understand the deep mysteries of sex. No wonder so many people have the expectation the earth will move for them when they make love with someone born under this Star Sign!

A brief word of warning, however: To get the best out of a Scorpio lover you do need to be in a steady rather than a casual relationship. Scorpios won’t give of themselves completely unless the sense of mutual trust and commitment is strong. Perhaps this is why, for some people at least, short-lived sexual encounters with Scorpios don't live up to the hype. Hang on in there to find out for yourself if they merit their reputation as 'sex gods' - or if they're just human after all.

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