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A Problem With Commitment?


photoSome men are notoriously resistant to the ‘Big C’ – perhaps because they’re not genetically programmed to be monogamous in the same way that women traditionally are!

Add in the fact that certain Star Signs are much harder to snare, and it’s clear there’s a certain species of guy who’s especially prone to commitment phobia. So if you're hoping to catch the man of your dreams, be sure to plan your tactics according to his Star Sign!

Which Star Signs Are The Hardest to Snare?

Topping the list of the hard to snare Star Signs is the mutable fire sign, SAGITTARIUS. If you’re trying to catch a footloose Archer, you have somehow to deal with their compulsion to keep constantly on the move. Although some of the most fun people to spend time with, Sagittarians have a marked dislike of domestic captivity and are unlikely to commit to any relationship that involves sacrificing too much of their freedom. If you make ‘being a couple’ sound like a prison sentence, you haven’t a hope of hooking a man born under this Star Sign.

You’ll face a similar problem with other freedom-obsessed Star Signs, like GEMINI, AQUARIUS and ARIES. Even in a fully ‘committed’ relationship these guys will demand the right to do what they like, when they like and with whom they like, without criticism or interference. If you come across as in any way possessive or controlling, you’re likely to send these types running in the opposite direction. Overcoming jealousy and being more allowing are the big challenges involved in going steady with any one of these Star Signs.

But it’s not only the need to be free that can give rise to commitment phobia. Another common cause is unrealistic ideals and too much pickiness in personal relationships. Hard to please signs like VIRGO and PISCES often find it difficult to commit because they’re still questioning whether there might be somebody out there who would be better for them than you are. Trying to convince them there’s not, by jumping through hoops to meet their high expectations, isn’t the answer. Best to just be yourself, and if you’re the ‘One’, they’ll soon realize without you needing to prove it.

Another Star Sign that’s good at avoiding relationship decisions is LIBRA. Although this is the sign that rules partnership, its symbol – the Balance – explains why some Librans spend so long humming and hawing about whether it’s the right time to commit. Unfortunately, there’s no alternative but to let them carry on weighing their options until they’re 100% certain they’ve made the right choice. You can’t rush a Libran into making their mind up without the risk of putting them off completely. Once they’ve finally opted ‘in’ though, it takes a lot to make them want to opt ‘out’ again.

Which Star Signs Are More Commitment Friendly?

You’re likely to have a lot less trouble snaring those Star Signs who are natural born ‘nesters’ with a strong need for domestic security. Home loving signs with traditional relationship values, like TAURUS and CANCER, are usually keen to settle down to a life of domestic bliss once they feel they have met the right partner. Tempting them with the promise of lots of home comforts rarely fails to get these guys interested. The trick however, is never to let your strategy appear too obvious. 

Although SCORPIO, too, thrives on the permanence and safety of a fully committed love affair, it’s also the sign most likely to go on the defensive and pull abruptly away if it suspects you of any kind of manipulative tactics. For this reason you have to be extremely clever and subtle in your efforts to make a Scorpio man believe he couldn’t live without you. On the other hand, there’s nothing hard about snaring a Scorpio guy once you’ve finally won a place in his heart.

If you’re out to hook a CAPRICORN, you’re likely to need patience by the bucketload. These men are infamous for taking an unreasonably long time to work up to committing themselves in love. Because they’re always thinking ahead, before taking the plunge they need to have convinced themselves of a relationship’s long-term potential. Your challenge with these down-to-earth guys is to make them believe you’ll be useful to them, not just in the present but also for years to come.

Undoubtedly, there are some Star Signs who tend to be far happier in a relationship than out of one.  LEO, for example, may well have a name as a playboy, but underneath the lothario image lies a big-hearted guy who’s just looking for a full-time mate. Bear in mind that if a Leo man plays the field, the prime motivation is to boost his ego. So just give him more flattery and attention than he could ever get anywhere else, and you’ll find he’s only too eager to commit.

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