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Think Big, Think Positive!



Everything about Jupiter is larger than life! With a girth eleven times that of the Earth, it’s by far the largest planet in our solar system. Astrologically, too, its effects can be pretty enormous: When we’re under the influence of this planet, everything seems to be bigger and better, and some hugely amazing things can take place.


Traditionally known as the ‘great benefic’ – or the bringer of good fortune – Jupiter is the planet whose appearances we all look eagerly forward to for that long awaited ‘big break’. And it’s true that these – the most coveted of all astrological transits – often coincide with some of the greatest romantic episodes in our lives.

What Goes Around, Comes Around?


How can it be that Jupiter helps us to get lucky? Well, one explanation is that it’s all down to good karma and that its transits mark the times when ‘what goes around, comes around’ and we reap the rewards of our own past good actions. But maybe also, during transits of this planet, we’re just more receptive to – and more willing to act on – opportunities that happen to arise at such times.


Because our thoughts and attitudes go a long way towards creating our reality, the good fortune that often seems to open up as a result of the astrological influence of Jupiter may be as much the result of the confidence, good humor and general positivity this planet tends to create in our psyche as the random intervention of fate.

Making Our Own Good Luck

Jupiter – also known as Jove – is famous, as one might expect, for inspiring a strong sense of joviality and optimism, which makes us much more expansive and outgoing than might otherwise be the case. And since, on an etheric level, like always attracts like, it’s reasonable to assume that when we’re giving off upbeat vibes under the effects of this planet, we’re more likely to be attracting good things into our lives and making our own good luck.


These are the times when – regardless of all our usual fears and doubts – we’re willing to push our luck a little bit further, taking a chance on people or situations that previously seemed too risky or totally out of our league. That hot date you thought would never happen? Just pick a day when Jupiter is on your side astrologically, and you might well be amazed!

Just Don't Push It Too Far

All of which is great news, of course, provided we don’t take it a step too far. While one face of Jupiter is that of the jester, the other is that of the fool: when our judgement isn’t working as well as it should be and we make one too many bad gambles, we can easily make ourselves look very stupid and end up falling flat on our face.

The lessons thrown up by Jupiter – yes, even this planet has its serious side – all center around the problems associated with excess: getting a bit too big for our boots, going over the top with our expectations or actions, and making unrealistic commitments to others we haven’t a hope of being able to fulfill. 

Sometimes, too, we’ll be on the receiving end of this kind of behavior on the part of others – meeting with someone who isn’t all that they seem, getting led up the garden path by their exaggerations or false promises, and having to deal with the embarrassing aftermath.

Let the Good Times Roll

Jupiter may well be the happiest and the most fortuitous of the planets, but it isn’t always a barrel of laughs! Because it magnifies whatever it comes into contact with, when trouble is brewing in a relationship, an astrological transit of Jupiter will often bring things to a crisis, rendering the underlying issues larger than life in a way that forces them to be fully experienced and understood.

Do we still love Jupiter in spite of everything? You bet we do! For that exhilarating sense of can-do, of being on top of the world, of looking forward with heart aflutter to the opportunities ahead – you just can’t beat it. Watch out for those special days when it kicks off in your horoscope – and let the good times roll!

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