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Venus in Taurus



The relating style of Venus in Taurus is warmly affectionate and intensely loyal, but also somewhat possessive. People with this Venus placement give their love and friendship whole-heartedly and permanently, and make faithful, dependable partners.

Due to their need for long-term financial security, they’re cautious about entering into romantic commitments which are unlikely to be materially rewarding. Breaking off relationships is equally hard for Venus in Taurus individuals, especially if this involves financial losses or sacrifices. Personally, they’re quite reliable with money. Despite their love of nice things, they don’t usually spend beyond their means, always keeping back some cash for a rainy day.

These people’s love style is quite fixed and inflexible, and a tendency to view loved ones as ‘possessions’ makes them liable to extreme jealousy. As the most sensual and ‘touch-feely’ of all the Venus placements, plentiful physical contact with those they love is very important to Venus in Taurus people. Their love style is passive rather than assertive, relying on their charm and good looks to easily attract friends and lovers.


With their strongly developed physical senses, Venus in Taurus people are particularly drawn to earthy pleasures, material comforts and a luxurious, opulent lifestyle. These individuals like good food and an aesthetically pleasing home environment, and seek to surround themselves with attractive objects and possessions. They value quality, beauty, stylishness and good craftsmanship – things that look good, are well made and will prove sound long-term investments.

Personal style and attractiveness – both their own and other people’s – are also very important to Venus in Taurus individuals – and in some cases overly so. They attach a high value to financial wellbeing and security, since a copious supply of money is essential to their material aspirations. At times, however, they may place excessive emphasis on the worldly or physical aspects of success, judging others purely by their looks or their possessions.

Style-wise, Venus in Taurus has classic, refined tastes with a preference for sensually pleasing, high-quality items. Aesthetically gifted, Venus in Taurus types have the best taste of all the Venus signs.


Grounded and reliable; patient and non-judgmental; faithful and loyal; personally charming and attractive; strong sense of romance; aesthetically or artistically gifted.

Jealous and demanding; materially acquisitive and possessive; overly concerned with looks and appearances; greedy and self-indulgent; inflexible and lacking in adaptability.


People with Venus in Taurus are sexually attractive to those with Mars in Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn and Scorpio.

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