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Venus in Sagittarius



Venus in Sagittarius people tend to prefer casual, no-strings types of relationships. Tolerant and unpossessive, they rarely try to impose any kind of restrictions on their loved ones – and they expect full personal freedom in return. What they do insist upon, however, is total openness and honesty and the willingness always to play fair. These are easy-going and big-hearted people who will happily overlook their friends’ and partners’ minor failings, as long as they don’t break any important moral ‘rules’.

Dependability and commitment may not be these Venus types’ strongpoint – and they can often be guilty of taking their near and dear ones’ affection for granted – but one quality they possess in abundance is their highly principled approach to love. Deceit, betrayal, or hypocrisy are the biggest relationship deal-breakers for these individuals and if a friend or lover behaves unjustly or unethically, they will instantly lose their admiration and respect.

For this reason, Venus in Sagittarius relationships fare best when founded on a shared philosophy of life, whether religiously, politically or socially based. When this isn’t present, there may be many arguments over moral conduct and decision-making.


Dedicated students of the university of life, Venus in Sagittarius individuals love continuously expanding their understanding of the world, and learning as much as they can about the meaning of existence. These people place a high value on activities which help to broaden their horizons and serve as tools of personal growth and wisdom.

Adventurous and independent, they thrive on the outdoor life, and especially enjoy travelling to distant lands in order to explore different cultures and meet new people. Indeed, many of their closest friends and loved ones are likely to originate from different backgrounds to themselves.

Whatever their age, they like playing games, especially adventure games or games of chance, while their taste in literature and movies often leans towards epic tales of good and evil. Creating goodwill, spreading a little optimism, making people laugh – these are the noble-hearted life values of most Venus in Sagittarius individuals. In reality, though, because they’re constantly making promises their maverick lifestyle means they can’t possibly keep, they can end up creating as much disappointment as happiness.


High-principled; play fair; open and honest; unpossessive; carefree and optimistic; good sense of humor; appreciative of different cultures and philosophies.

Can’t handle responsibility and commitment; put freedom before togetherness; promise too much and deliver too little; take others’ love and affection for granted; can be morally unforgiving.


People with Venus in Sagittarius are sexually attractive to those with Mars in Sagittarius, Aries, Leo and Gemini.

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