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Venus in Libra



With their attractive looks, charming personalities and understanding natures, Venus in Libra individuals tend to be popular among their peers, and very much in demand as friends and lovers. One-to-one relationships are especially important to these types, both as a means of gaining the close companionship they so long for, and achieving a sense of personal wholeness or completion. Venus in Libra people dislike being alone and togetherness means far more to them than individual freedom and independence.

They desperately need to be liked and in their quest to please and gain approval can sometimes be rather disingenuous, ‘mirroring’ other people, or putting on a face they believe will be acceptable rather than simply being true to their own feelings and needs.

Because they want everything to be sweetness and light and find any kind of discord deeply disturbing, they may go to any lengths to avoid upsetting arguments and confrontations. As a result important issues may be constantly played down, ignored or swept under the rug, until they eventually become too big to solve.


People are of the utmost importance to Venus in Libra individuals, and they attach more value to their friendships and close partnerships than just about anything else. Strongly attracted to the opposite sex, they always need some kind of romantic interest going on in their lives, love being ‘in love’ and soon tire of a relationship once the sense of romance is gone. If these individuals had one wish to make in life, it would undoubtedly be for a happy and lasting marriage – they definitely aren’t destined to be alone.

They’re fond of sophisticated gatherings, although their preferred form of social interaction is always an intimate tête-a-tête. Venus in Libra people like an easeful, enjoyable and ‘beautiful’ life, shying away from all forms of ugliness and drudgery and sometimes playing on their considerable charm to get others to do their dirty work.

Art, music and culture are important to them and with their keen aesthetic awareness, they want everything around them to be attractive and pleasing. Fashionable, well presented, and gifted with impeccable taste, looking their best matters a lot to Venus in Libra types.


Personally attractive; popular and sought after; congenial and peace-loving; affectionate and romantic; aesthetically gifted; impeccable taste and style.

Lacking in independence; disingenuous people-pleasers; too ‘nicey-nicey’; can’t handle confrontation; lazy and work-shy – don’t like getting their hands dirty.


People with Venus in Libra are sexually attractive to those with Mars in Libra, Gemini, Aquarius and Aries.

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