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Venus in Scorpio



The relating style of Venus in Scorpio is emotionally intense, strongly committed, and often rather obsessive. These people prefer a small number of deep relationships, in which they tend to give their all, rather than a large number of superficial and relatively meaningless ones. Outstandingly loyal and faithful to those they love, they demand the same degree of devotion in return – and can be relentlessly unforgiving if their trust is abused.

By nature they’re rather insecure – often the result of past emotional losses – manifesting as possessiveness in their personal relationships and a tendency to be quite manipulative. Staying in control is very important to Venus in Scorpio individuals as a means of protecting their extreme sensitivity.

Obsessive jealousy is often a painful struggle for these types, while letting go and moving on when a relationship comes to an end can be very difficult and protracted. However, once they have finally cut their ties, they rarely look back, and reconciliation is usually out of the question. Venus in Scorpio people have a black-and-white attitude to romance and either totally love you or totally hate you.


Venus in Scorpio individuals value their privacy, and are also the people most likely to value yours in return. They know the importance of keeping secrets – both their own and other people’s – betrayal and disloyalty being the two things they find hardest ever to forgive.

These people seek an exceptionally deep level of emotional involvement in just about everything in their lives. Strong believers in delayed gratification, they want their emotional pleasures to go on for as long as possible, keeping the ‘best till last’.

Cloak-and-dagger stuff like clandestine love affairs, or anything ‘dark’, hidden and mysterious, holds a special fascination for Venus in Scorpio people: once something is out in the open, it tends to lose a lot of its emotional appeal. Culturally, they’re drawn to emotionally intense music, art, drama and literature that stirs their deepest feelings. These Venus types hate all forms of wishy-washy, and only truly value people and things that touch their soul. Their all or nothing approach also extends to their tastes and possessions – if they can’t have the very best of quality, they would rather go completely without.


Faithful and loyal; trustworthy and discrete; give their all in love; refined cultural and aesthetic tastes; strong sexual magnetism.

Overly intense and obsessive; jealous and insecure; emotionally manipulative and controlling; unforgiving and vengeful; wily and secretive.


People with Venus in Scorpio are sexually attractive to those with Mars in Scorpio, Cancer, Pisces and Taurus.

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