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Venus in Pisces



Those born with Venus in Pisces are very idealistic, holding demandingly high expectations of all their personal relationships. Their relating style follows a typical pattern of blind idealization of the loved one, followed by a process of painful disillusionment when they finally come to see the other person for who they really are, rather than how they first imagined them to be.

These Venus types are big romantic fantasists, some of whom can successfully turn their love dreams into reality through the power of creative visualization. Others experience a perpetual sense of dissatisfaction and disappointment with their love lives, since nothing and nobody is ever good enough.

Of all the Venus signs, Venus in Pisces has the greatest potential for unconditional love and forgiveness. Compassionate and caring, these people are capable of making some truly awe-inspiring self-sacrifices for the ones they love. However, their tendency often to put themselves last means they’re prone to making doormats of themselves, and can be easily taken advantage of by those who seek to exploit their kind-hearted and giving nature.


Venus in Pisces people tend to be addicted to romance. Both in their relationships and in their leisure pursuits they long to be transported to a fairytale realm of spiritual beauty and happiness. These Venus types adore romantic movies, literature and poetry, music and art that speaks to their soul, and things that allow them to lose themselves in the world of their imagination and escape from mundane reality. Expressing their personal artistic creativity in any of these areas is probably their greatest source of joy.

In love they’re looking for an almost mystical sense of connection or at-oneness which may be very hard to fulfill. In the attempt to satisfy their innermost yearnings, they may particularly enjoy getting ‘high’ on alcohol or other mind-altering substances.

Venus in Pisces individuals have strong spiritual values: ‘treasures of heaven’ matter more to them than worldly wealth and status and they find helping others more fulfilling than chasing personal gain. They genuinely enjoy doing good and coming to the rescue of those in trouble, acquiring a whole collection of ‘lame dogs’ during the course of their lives, often to their own detriment and cost.


Possess strong spiritual values; compassionate and caring; love unconditionally; unselfish and giving; artistically inspired and creative.

Have unrealistic expectations in love; inhabit an unreal, fantasy world; can be doormats and victims; prone to escapist habits and addictions.


People with Venus in Pisces are sexually attractive to those with Mars in Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio and Virgo.

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