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Venus in Leo



The relating style of Venus in Leo is passionate, loyal and somewhat theatrical. These are warm-hearted and affectionate individuals who make true friends and devoted lovers. Intensely romantic, they seek excitement and drama in their relationships and are always happiest when madly in love.

Venus in Leo people thrive on praise and admiration, and a susceptibility to flattery can be their Achilles’ heel. They are exceptionally generous and loving towards those closest to them, but in return they require a great deal of attention. These types can be quite demanding at times, and are prone to wanting everything on their own terms in their relationships.

They’re looking for friends and lovers who will boost their self-esteem and make them feel good about themselves. Their strong sense of personal pride means they won’t tolerate any kind of humiliation or betrayal, and despite their loyal natures they will be quick to discard people who neglect them or take them for granted. Venus in Leo types prefer exclusive relationships and quickly become jealous and possessive if they’re not number one in their loved ones’ eyes.


Venus in Leo individuals value themselves exceptionally highly, and prove it by shamelessly indulging in the best luxuries life has to offer. They take great pride in their appearance (often to the point of vanity), enjoy dressing up, and are happy to spend extravagantly on personal adornments – because ‘they’re worth it’. With their bold, dramatic tastes, these types like making style statements to stand out from the crowd and express their flamboyant creativity.

There’s a child-like quality to Venus in Leo people which delights in fun, games and make-believe, many of them being extremely fond of children through whom they connect with their own ‘inner child’. Many of them are stereotypical party animals who love entertaining, putting on a great show, and giving others a good time.

Magnanimous to a fault and known for their grand, extravagant gestures, these Venus types value generosity very highly, but are prone to spending beyond their means. With their ‘wannabe celebrity’ lifestyle, money is very important to them and they enjoy the thrill of an occasional gamble as a lazy route to luxury and riches.


Warm-hearted and affectionate; loyal and devoted; strong sense of romance; generous and giving; fun to be with; talented entertainers.

Attention-seeking; susceptible to flattery; extravagant spendthrifts; weakness for gambling; jealous and possessive.


People with Venus in Leo are sexually attractive to those with Mars in Leo, Aries, Sagittarius and Aquarius.

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