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Venus in Capricorn



People born with Venus in Capricorn seek solid relationships based on mutual respect and longevity. They choose their friends and partners extremely carefully and are cautious about entering into a relationship unless they believe it will be to their advantage.

Some of these Venus types use relationships as a means of improving their social and/or material status, often being attracted to older or more experienced people who can help them in some way. In any case they’re unlikely to be interested in liaisons that reflect badly on them or cause them social embarrassment.

Dignified and reserved, they dislike public exhibitions of affection, sometimes giving the wrong impression of being aloof and unfeeling. However, what they lack in overt emotionality they more than make up for in terms of dependability and loyalty. Venus in Capricorn individuals take their relationships very seriously, displaying a high level of responsibility and integrity. They’re not afraid of their own company and are happy to wait patiently for the right person who can offer them the long-term commitment and security that is so important to them.


Venus in Capricorn individuals attach a high value to material and social achievement. Because getting on in life is extremely important to them, they like to surround themselves with people who share their own burning sense of ambition. Money and status matter to them a great deal as a means of gaining other people’s respect and to facilitate the luxurious lifestyle to which most of these Venus types aspire.

Venus in Capricorn folk get a lot of satisfaction from acquiring expensive material possessions which duly reflect their success and standing in the world, and set them apart from the hoi polloi. But despite their opulent tastes, Venus in Capricorn people are rarely wasteful, spending only on genuinely useful, high-quality purchases that are likely to last well and appreciate in value over a period of time. They’re usually good at saving and holding onto money, partly as security for the future and partly because they like to leave behind something of value when they die.

The personal style of these Venus types veers strongly towards the classical and traditional. ‘Modern’ designs are less appealing to them than things of historical value or with an element of antiquity.


Loyal and dependable; dignified and classy; emotionally self-contained; pragmatic, realistic approach to love; good with money.

Snobbish; overly concerned with social propriety; materially acquisitive; emotionally cold and aloof; 'use' others for status and material gain.


People with Venus in Capricorn are sexually attractive to those with Mars in Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo and Cancer.

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