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Venus in Aries



The relating style of Venus in Aries is openly and uninhibitedly affectionate – people with this Venus placement are passionate, hot-blooded and usually wear their heart on their sleeve. Bold and adventurous with a go-getting approach to love, Venus in Aries individuals instinctively take the lead in starting and ending relationships. Their approach to love is rather naïve and childlike, initially trusting, usually impulsive, and always expecting the best.

For this reason they tend to fall madly in love very suddenly, rushing into relationships without much forethought and sometimes taking foolish risks. But their ardor is often short-lived and can burn itself out just as quickly. When they get their fingers burned, they rarely hold a grudge and are soon ready to forgive and forget and start over.

Retaining their personal freedom and individuality in relationships is vital to these Venus types, and they can’t stand feeling tied down. They want their own way in relationships, don’t compromise easily, and prefer to be the one calling the shots.
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Venus in Aries people like action, thrills and excitement. Both as participants and as observers, they are drawn to activities which will give them an instant kick or a quick adrenaline rush.

For Venus in Aries, the most pleasurable part of any project or relationship is getting things started, going on the hunt. The concept of ‘conquest’ appeals to these people strongly, but for them, the ‘chase’ is always better than the ‘catch’. That is to say, when they have achieved an objective, they can quickly become bored and start searching for the next challenge.

These Venus types prefer looking ahead rather than dwelling on past regrets. Similarly, spontaneity, going with the flow and ‘ad-libbing’ are more important to them than making long-term plans. Style-wise Venus in Aries folk tend to be quite daring and are generally among the first in adopting new trends and fashions. They value assertiveness and directness and dislike any kind of disingenuity or pretence.


Outgoing and likeable; make friends easily; warm-hearted, energetic lovers; straightforward, upfront and sincere.


Self-centered and personally demanding; personal freedom comes before togetherness; predatory lovers; callous, ‘out with the old, in with the new’ approach.


People with Venus in Aries are sexually attractive to those with Mars in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius and Libra.

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