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Astrological Secrets of Love Chemistry



You generally know immediately. When you first meet someone, the chemistry – that intangible special something – is either there or it isn’t. In theory your date may fulfill all your criteria for your perfect partner, yet in practice, for some inexplicable reason, you just don’t seem to click. It’s puzzling and often extremely frustrating. But then, perhaps the whole point about love chemistry is that it’s so unpredictable, occurring just when you expect it least! 

What's the Magic Formula?

So how exactly do we define love chemistry and what’s its secret formula? Can it all be explained by some complex mathematical equation? Or could it be true, as believed by many since Babylonian times, that it’s actually “all in the stars” – and does astrology offer some vital clues?

To answer this, let’s consider the nature of our solar system in which, at the most fundamental level, everything, ourselves included, is made up of subtle energy.

Cosmic Harmonies and Discords

We each embody our own vibrational field, also known as our aura, which continually transmits and receives waves of energy. The vibrations we all give out and pick up from each other on a regular basis can be thought of as the notes of a cosmic musical scale. Although inaudible to the human ear, they constantly create mutual harmonies or discords – and in so doing, unbeknown to us, they profoundly influence our responses to one another. 

If the frequencies we are radiating are in tune with those being radiated by another person, we’re drawn towards each other by the law of magnetic attraction and there is good chemistry between us. If, however, we’re out of tune, there’s unlikely to be any chemistry between us, and we may even find each other repellent. These vibrational frequencies – and their harmonies and discords – can be usefully described by the language of astrology.

The Planets – Mega Transmitters of Cosmic Energy

As mega transmitters of cosmic energy, the planets exert a powerful influence on our vibrational fields – and thus on our interactions with others. The configuration of each planet in our own chart relative to the planets in another person’s chart throws light on the ease, or difficulty, with which we’re likely to get on with them. Each individual planet has its own story to tell about a particular quality of the love chemistry between two people and a specific aspect of their relationship.

The Seven Aspects of Love

Love is a many-splendored thing, so the song goes – and it undoubtedly comprises a number of distinct aspects. Long ago the Greeks recognised the complexity of the phenomenon of love, coining four separate words to describe it. Today, still, it has different meanings for different people and is a frequently misunderstood concept. 

Sexual attraction is of course an essential part of love – for some by far the most important part – but without a measure of old-fashioned romance, in the long run may not count for a great deal. Love can also follow from close friendship, or can be born of the joy of finding someone with whom we experience great communication, strong empathy or a shared sense of humor. Equally important for many is a deep sense of commitment which, for them, is the essence of true love.

Together these seven aspects of love form the theoretical basis for a complete and fully functioning relationship. Okay, so it’s rare to be able to tick all the boxes – after all, very few relationships are perfect. In general, however, the more categories a couple score well in, the better their prospects of happiness. If – as is usually the case – they’re strong in some areas, but weak in others, they can obviously still enjoy a highly fulfilling relationship. It just means that one or more ingredients of the theoretical ideal are likely to be missing.

What Kind of Chemistry?

Depending on where we’re at in our lives and what we’re currently looking for, the particular aspects of love – and the kind of chemistry – most important to us will differ. For example, when we’re young and fancy-free, we may have a more romantic approach to love than when we’re older and wiser and more concerned with practical issues. 

If all we want is a quick fling, sexual chemistry will of course be paramount and we’re unlikely to be interested if it’s absent. More mature couples, on the other hand, may place relatively more emphasis on companionship and friendship. Those for whom intellectual chemistry or humor are the primary turn-on may also rate these as more significant than physical attraction. While if we’re seeking a steady relationship or looking to settle down, the absence of a willingness to commit could form a major stumbling block.  

'Tailor Designed' Relationships

Because what we want from love is always a question of our particular situation, the opportunity of personally selecting our relationships according to the type – and level – of the chemistry they offer is very exciting. A system of analyzing the love possibilities of a prospective relationship allows us to “vet” potential partners for their suitability before actually taking the plunge. Instead of the hit and miss method we mostly apply to dating, we can effectively “tailor design” our relationships to our individual needs.

AstroReveal Compatibility Star Ratings provide an instant check of two people’s likely compatibility in the seven all-important areas of sex, romance, communication, empathy, humor, friendship and commitment. With a star rating ranging from poor to excellent, they show at a glance what to expect in terms of potential chemistry – while an instantly accessible report gives more details about the highest scoring aspects of the relationship.  

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