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How Astrology Can Empower You in Your Relationships


photoPut yourself in the driving seat in your relationships: Learn how astrology empowers you to achieve greater success and happiness in love!

Do you feel powerless in your relationships? Do you constantly attract the ‘wrong’ kind of lovers for reasons you don’t understand? Are you driven by an unconscious desire to sabotage your chances of happiness through self-limiting behaviors that prevent you from experiencing the love you truly deserve? Do you consider yourself to be ‘unlucky in love’? If so, astrology could have some empowering answers for you!

Self-Understanding is the Key to Empowering Yourself in Your Relationships

Natal astrology – based on a chart drawn up for an individual’s time and place of birth – is widely used as an accurate method of personality analysis. An in-depth analysis of your birth chart will bring you face to face with some deeply empowering personal insights, some of which may surprise you, perhaps even shock you.

Yet if you have the courage to hear it ‘like it is’, the self-understanding you can gain from your birth chart could make an extraordinary difference to your love life, inspiring you to make wiser, better informed decisions and choices in the way you handle your relationships.

Knowing yourself as you really are is the key to making the personal changes necessary to create your ideal romantic reality – and as the cosmic blueprint of the possibilities open to you in this lifetime, your birth chart represents your most valuable self-awareness tool.

For this reason, a personal natal report focusing on the factors that help or hinder your capacity to form happy, successful relationships is possibly the greatest, most self-empowering gift you could ever give yourself!

The Importance of Good Timing in Relationships

While good self-awareness is an essential step towards personal empowerment in our relationships, getting our timing right – knowing when to push ahead in our love life and when to be rather more cautious – is also of equal importance. And here again astrology can help.

As confirmed by most people considered to be ‘lucky’, success is as much about good timing – being in the right place at the right moment – as it is about random strokes of good fortune. Many such successful individuals rely on their strongly developed ‘gut instincts’ which accurately guide them in the right direction in life. For those of us not blessed with such perfect intuition, astrology is an excellent substitute.

The cosmic cycles of the planets, and the angular relationships they form with individual features of your birth chart, set in motion patterns of opportunity, change and challenge that exert a powerful bearing on the most significant events and experiences in your love life.

An astrological forecast report, based on the major transits to your natal planets over a set period of time, can be tremendously useful in showing you the timing of these crucial cosmic patterns, and helping you to organize your relationships so as to make the very best of them. As every astrologer knows, timing is everything where love is concerned, so make sure the Stars are always on your side!


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