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Playing The Internet Dating Game


photoSo how are you going to play the on-line dating game? Will you adopt a proactive strategy and send messages to everyone who interests you? Or will you just post your details, sit back, and wait for potential partners to get in touch with you?

Those Who Dare, Win!

As ever in life, by daring to put ourselves out there, we expose ourselves to the possibility of criticism and rejection. But if we’re lazy or shy about contacting others, or encouraging others to contact us, statistics show we greatly limit the possibilities of finding ourselves the perfect date. The first most important rule in on-line dating is to immediately message anyone whose photo and description instinctively appeal to you (before someone else snaps them up!)  The second is to do a great job of advertising yourself in order to grab prospective dates' attention and boost your chances of them messaging you.

Your Shop Window to the World

A compelling personal profile is a must-have to persuade others you’re someone they want to date. So don’t be reticent about selling yourself! Like it or not, this is a marketplace – and a vast one, at that.

Don’t be afraid to talk openly about your qualities, and don’t let lack of confidence hold you back from presenting yourself in the best light. Familiarize yourself with your very best points by reading your PERSONAL LOVE PROFILE REPORT. Bear in mind, though, that describing yourself in a humorous way is a far better tactic for winning others over than taking yourself too seriously!

If you're hoping to find someone who, like you, is also interested in astrology, it's worth revealing a few details about your birth chart, i.e. your Star Sign, Moon Sign, Venus Sign and so on (and if you know it, your Rising Sign). Then you can ask them for theirs in return - or if they don't know them, you can offer to find out for them if they give you their birth data.

Relax Your Search Criteria

If you genuinely want to fall in love, be prepared to relax your search criteria! Okay, there will be certain basic must-haves and deal-breakers which need to be included. But remember, the more criteria you use for your search, the fewer matches you’re going to find!

By limiting yourself to a tight age range, a particular set of physical characteristics or the sort of individual you normally consider to be your “type” (including your preferred Star Sign), you’re ruling out a whole bunch of possibilities that could really surprise you. Play the numbers game to widen your choices.

Check Out How Well You're Likely to Click

Falling in love is all about that elusive thing called chemistry, which is so notoriously hard to find. Certainly, you can rarely tell from someone’s photo or personal profile how well you’re likely to click with them – how often does a prospective partner look great in cyber space but prove a let-down in real life?

Now, though, there’s an effective way of finding out about your future compatibility before getting too involved. First ask your potential partner a few questions to find out their date, year and place of birth (and if possible also their time of birth). Then use AstroReveal's COMPATIBILITY STAR RATINGS feature to select the matches where you register the highest scores!

COMPATIBILITY STAR RATINGS is based not just on Star Signs, but on an in-depth comparison of your own and the other person's full birth charts, taking into account hundreds of compatibility variables. Because it will show you what to expect in the seven key compatibility categories of sex, romance, communication, empathy, humor, friendship and commitment, it can help you to make the best dating choices.

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