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Why Won't He Tell Me What He's Really Feeling?


photo‘Why won’t he tell me what he’s really feeling?’ – it’s a lament most women have uttered at some time or another about their man. Guys are notorious for not expressing their feelings, partly because many of them are brought up to believe its ‘unmanly’. Partly too because – due to the different ways male and female brains work – men generally find it harder than women to put their feelings into words.

In reality, though, some women are just as likely as men to be emotionally unexpressive. Whether or not we wear our heart on our sleeve isn’t simply a question of gender. As any astrologer will confirm, another important consideration is the sign placement of the Moon (the planet of emotions) in our birth chart. In both men and women, the Moon falling in a Fire or Water sign tends to make us more emotionally outgoing; in Air or Earth, we’re more likely to appear emotionally cool or withdrawn. To Find Your Man's Moon Sign, Click Here!

Moon in Fire Signs

If your guy has his Moon in a Fire sign (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) you’re least likely to complain he won’t show his emotions (unless of course it falls in the highly secretive 12th House of his birth chart). Actually, because he tends to make such a big fuss over every single little thing, you may sometimes wish he would keep his feelings to himself!

Quick to flare up when angry, but equally quick to cool down, these men’s bad moods are fortunately short lived. On the other hand, when they’re in a good mood, you want it to last forever because their happiness is so contagious. Emotionally, these guys may be quite a handful, but they’re also the best of fun!

Moon in Water Signs

You’ll also have no problem in reading the feelings of a man whose Moon falls in a Water sign (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces). However, since these guys don’t make such a big song and dance about their emotions as the Fire signs, you’ll need to look carefully for more subtle signs of changes of mood.

Guys with a Water sign Moon are actually the most emotionally sensitive of all men. Because they’re in touch with their feminine side, they tend to feel things deeply and intensely. It’s a mistake, though, to push them into opening up about their feelings before they’re ready. Quiet empathy and a listening ear are all that’s needed to encourage them to confide in you in their own good time.

Moon in Air Signs

Men whose Moon falls in a highly logical Air sign (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) can be so irritatingly detached about life, you sometimes wonder if they have any feelings at all!

Of course, it’s not that they don’t experience all the primary emotions, like fear, anger, sadness, in exactly the same way as everyone else. It’s just that because they’re programmed to immediately rationalize these feelings before they’re overwhelmed by them, they merely give the impression of being super-cool.

You’ll need to be a good psycho-analyst to break through these guys’ sophisticated emotional defences. They’re experts at using clever language to avoid revealing what’s really in their heart.

Moon in Earth Signs

And finally we come to that uncomplicated breed of men whose Moon falls in an Earth sign (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn). Because they so rarely display any kind of emotional sensitivity, you might wrongly suspect them of covering up more complex feelings. But the truth is these guys’ emotional wellbeing is governed solely by material realities.

If the job’s going well, there’s money in the bank and their day-to-day affairs are running smoothly, they tend to be genuinely contented. The only things that unsettle them are threats to their material security. So don’t bother pushing and probing in search of something deeper and more meaningful. Instead focus on helping them find a tangible solution to the practical problems in their life.

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