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Which Star Signs Are The Most Romantic?



We rank the 12 Star Signs in order from the most romantically gifted to the biggest romantic duds. Find out what astrology says about your date’s romantic style!

Is there anyone in the world – even the most strait-laced and feet-on-the-ground type – who doesn’t secretly yearn for a bit of old fashioned, head-spinning romance in their life?

Of course, we all know that being able to turn on the romantic charm doesn’t guarantee that a lover will prove to be true-hearted. But it does make the whole experience of falling in love a lot more exciting and enjoyable.

If romantic thrills are what you’re looking for in your love life, here are the Star Signs most – and least – likely to be the answer to your dreams.

Ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Libra has a unique ability to turn just about any relationship into something heart-poundingly wonderful and special. No-one can turn on the charm like a Libra, and when they romance you, they’ll make you feel like nobody else in the world is more interesting and special to them than you. Whether that’s true or not will become apparent in the course of time! 

Pisces’ powers of enchantment are so irresistible that when they set out to romance you, you’ll quickly find yourself drawn into their fairytale world of idealistic love. By placing you on a pedestal in their heart, they’ll see only what is truly beautiful and angelic in you – and help you to see yourself that way too. Enjoy the magic until their rose colored glasses fall off, and they realize you’re actually just a normal human after all!

3. LEO
Everything a Leo does has to be really special, so when they romance you they’ll do a good job of convincing you that yours is the greatest love story of all time. Because they know how to inject a splash of showbiz glamour and drama into any love affair, you’ll soon get the feeling the two of you are lead players in a spell-binding romantic movie. But never forget, they’re the real star of the show, and you’re just in a supporting role!


As masters of the art of sensuality, Taureans know just about all there is to know about physical love. In fact the only thing that denies them the title of the Zodiac’s top romancer is that as an Earth Sign they’re perhaps a little too grounded and practically minded to completely sweep you off your feet. They’ll turn on your senses like no-one else can, but aren’t so good at inspiring the extreme emotional euphoria of a wildly abandoned, head-in-the-clouds love affair.

When a Scorpio sets out to romance you, they’ll ruthlessly employ every trick in the book to make you fall hopelessly in love with them. But at the same time they’ll put up a strong guard around their own heart to prevent you from gaining control of it. It’s incredibly easy to fall under a Scorpio’s magnetic spell, but much harder to capture their love in return. Scorpios love playing (and winning) romantic power games – join in at your own risk!

Being romanced by a Cancer feels like getting tenderly wrapped in a womb-like cocoon of emotional comfort and sustenance – wow! If your idea of romance is being with someone who will always take care of you, always protect you and always be there for you, you’ve found it here. But if you dislike sentimentality and don’t want to be mothered by your lover, a Cancerian’s constant clucking and fussing could be a romantic turn-off for you.


Sagittarius likes to think of itself as one of the most romantic Star Signs, and it’s certainly true that no-one else can match the seductive combination of fiery passion and joyful playfulness they bring to a love affair. But if, for you, romance means love of the happy ever after kind, don’t count on finding it with a Sagittarius. The initially bright-burning ardor of this footloose Star Sign is rapidly quenched at the prospect of permanent togetherness and commitment.

If it’s true that humor is the food of love, then Gemini must surely be an exceptionally romantically gifted Star Sign. But while their brilliantly clever witticisms make them flirting geniuses, they don’t usually have enough emotional sensitivity and empathy to be considered a true romantic. When a Gemini is joking and bantering with you, they’re more likely to be teasing than romancing you, so don’t mistake all the fun and excitement for a sign of true love.  

Many would consider Aries too brusque of manner and too self-centered in attitude to be described as romantically gifted. But what they lack in the way of emotional tenderness, they more than make up for in terms of burning passion. When an Aries has the hots for you, they’ll let you know very directly and assertively and won’t give up until they have captured their prey. It feels a little like being hunted – which will either terrify you or thrill you to pieces!


As one of the least romantic of the 12 Star Signs, an Aquarius is extremely unlikely to express their affection for you by writing you a love poem or sending you flowers. In general they hate slushy sentiment, and are far too emotionally detached to openly reveal what’s going on in their heart. Their preference for group dating as opposed to cosy tête-a-têtes also leaves little scope for the kind of intimate soul sharing that forms the basis of true romance.

Capricorn has many sterling qualities as a lover, especially their dependability and faithfulness, but romantic know-how generally isn’t one of them. Firstly, because they keep a tight lid on their feelings, it’s very hard for them to put their love into words. Secondly, because they’re easily embarrassed they shy away from grand romantic gestures that might make them look silly. Finally, because they’re rather tightfisted, they resent splashing out on fripperous love tokens they consider a waste of money.  

Is Virgo the Zodiac’s biggest romantic dud? The difficulty they have in making romance feel exciting is largely due to their highly analytical approach to love. Because they’re so focused on weighing up the pros and cons of a relationship, and making sure all the little details are right, they won’t fall in love with you very easily and in turn will make it very hard for you to fall in love with them. It takes many moons for the flame of romance to ignite in a Virgo – are you willing to wait that long?


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