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Venus in Virgo



Venus in Virgo individuals take a highly pragmatic approach to love, seeking to express their affection through kind deeds and lasting commitment. Often shy and reserved, and perhaps also rather aloof, they can be uncomfortable with gushing displays of emotion. Financially prudent (and sometimes rather mean with money), these types are drawn to relationships that have a solid, material basis and are likely to work well in practical ways.

Although largely resistant to romantic illusions, they are nevertheless extremely fussy about what they’re looking for in friends or lovers, with only a very few people being likely to meet their lofty standards. It’s impossible to fool anyone with Venus in Virgo – these people’s highly developed discriminating faculties make them exceptionally good, and mercilessly accurate, judges of character.

Since they find it so hard to overlook others’ faults, they may come across as cold, critical and lacking in compassion. However, in reality this is one of the most caring and helpful of all the Venus placements that never hesitates to offer practical assistance to those in genuine need.


With this Venus placement, great value is placed on cleanliness, hygiene and neatness. At a personal level, these individuals appreciate immaculate grooming and smart presentation, while their preferred environment is one which is spotlessly tidy and orderly (perhaps obsessively so).

Material possessions are important to people with Venus in Virgo, but only when practically useful and of high quality. They enjoy carefully crafting beautiful things for their own and their loved ones’ pleasure and often have a fondness for cooking, cleaning, gardening, dressmaking and other homecrafts.

Diligent and conscientious in whatever they do, with a desire to accomplish every task to the highest possible level of efficiency, these people seek perfection in every aspect of their lives, often to the point of compulsion. Venus in Virgo types genuinely love working and serving others, wanting neither thanks nor appreciation, but only to know that they’re needed and useful. They value health and fitness more than any other Venus sign (they may also have hypochondriac tendencies!), and with the help of careful diet and exercise like keeping themselves in good physical shape.


Highly discriminating – good character judges; health-conscious; skillful craftspeople and homemakers; helpful and hard-working; efficient and conscientious.

Fault-finding and nit-picking; overly perfectionist; clean-freaks and neat-freaks; hypochondriacs; reserved, aloof and/or emotionally inhibited.


People with Venus in Virgo are sexually attractive to those with Mars in Virgo, Taurus, Capricorn and Pisces.

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