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Valentines Day Gift Ideas for the 12 Star Signs


photoChoosing the most appropriate kind of Valentines Day gift for your sweetheart is easy if you know their Star Sign.

For an ARIES, avoid anything too sentimental or schmaltzy. That's not to say they don't feel passionately about you, but they're not particularly the romantic type.  Instead appeal to their strong sense of independence by buying them a high-action personal experience gift which they can enjoy on their own - but at the same time will make them love you all the more for your generosity.

Express your love for a TAURUS with something delicious to eat. Big foodies at heart, they'll appreciate anything from a luxury box of chocolates (which go down well with both men and women)  to a gourmet meal at a 5 star restaurant - depending on what kind of budget you have to spend. Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, they're also intensely romantic, so lots of hearts and flowers stuff is important to them.  

Because GEMINI changes their interests so frequently, play safe by giving them a gift they'll never tire of and that appeals to their compulsive desire for communication. Geminins are probably the biggest  phone addicts of the Zodiac, so their ideal present would be a brand new one, or failing that a clever little phone accessory.

CANCER folk are highly sentimental by nature. So opt for a beautifully presented keepsake of your relationship which they can treasure forever as a constant reminder of your love. A tastefully framed photo - either of yourself or of the two of you together - will fit the bill perfectly.

LEO has a strong sense of personal pride which will be easily offended by a low calibre Valentines gift - or worse still, no gift at all. So whatever you choose to give them, make sure it makes them feel really special and valued.  An expensive item of personal adornment - if possible with a personal inscription - is a great choice for a Leo, with practical gifts less likely to hit the mark.

VIRGO types are down to earth, hard working people who want to do any task to the very best of their ability. As one of the least romantic of the Star Signs, Virgos will appreciate gifts that help them to improve their efficiency rather better than hearts and flowers gestures. Clever little time-saving gadgets that enable them to complete their work to a higher standard make a great Valentines gift for this Sign.

Your LIBRA Valentine wants a gift that looks - and makes them feel - beautiful. Because this is a Star Sign with highly developed aesthetic values, whatever you choose it has to appeal to their senses and be pleasing to the eye. Be sure too to go over the top with your expression of romantic sentiment (without which a Libra will feel unloved) and include a wildly extravagant 'I adore you' card, sealed with a kiss.

With SCORPIO you have to work hard to convince them you love them. All or nothing types in their relationships, unless you show them your full and undying devotion they find it difficult to believe your love is real. The same principle applies to their Valentines gift expectations. They're looking for a top quality item that proves your total commitment - high end jewelry is always well received - or else just don't bother at all.

For SAGITTARIUS, the ideal Valentines gift involves satisfying their wanderlust with a trip to somewhere exciting they haven't visited yet. Love and adventure go hand in hand for this Star Sign. So treating them to a candlelit dinner in exotic surroundings - perhaps on a short vacation to a different city, or failing that at a local restaurant specializing in foreign cuisine they've never tried before - will cement your love affair in their heart as a never to be forgotten experience.

CAPRICORN likes to feel they're going places in life, so treat them like a VIP by taking them somewhere swanky, expensive and highly prestigious on Valentines night. Also consider appealing to their ambition driven mindset by gifting them a self-improvement book on how to become rich and successful. Doesn't sound very romantic? No, but you may have to accept that for Capricorn, love often comes second to career.

AQUARIUS's love style is fairly cool and detached, for which reason they usually don't see Valentines Day as a big deal. In fact any kind of romantic slush can be a massive turn-off for them. Still determined to make an Aquarius your Valentine? Then choose your gift in the understanding that this forward thinking Star Sign always wants to be at the forefront of everything that's new. Why not treat them to some innovative tech gear, or maybe a cutting edge fashion item?

PISCES is possibly the most romantic of all the twelve Star Signs - and the most likely to appreciate a heart-felt gift on Valentines Day. Given that you can never be too soppily sentimental with a Pisces, let your gift fully reflect your love and devotion. Consider sending them a dreamy romantic poem (preferably self-penned). Or gift them a collection of classic romantic movies or love song albums you can enjoy together. Unassuming Pisces doesn't ask for much, other than your love.


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