Sagittarius 2018 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



The good news for you this year, Sagittarius, is that, after two and a half years urging you to be cautious and sensible, cosmic teacher Saturn has now left your Star Sign. Because playing it safe was never really in your nature, the feeling of being able to take a few risks and spread your wings again is a huge relief. But hang on there just a moment, Sagittarius. Saturn hasn’t completely let you off the hook!

The best time in 2018, Sagittarius, for enjoying your newfound liberty centers round the first five months of 2018. Make the most of this period of unfettered independence before Uranus, the planet of freedom, which has been resident for seven long years in your Solar Love Affairs Sector, finally moves on in the middle of May. Thereafter things are set to change.

If you’re currently enjoying playing the field, the period between January and May is a final chance to indulge in some carefree romantic fun and adventure with no strings attached. Later in the year, however, be prepared for the demands of responsibility to make themselves felt once again, courtesy of restrictive Saturn now resident in your Money Sector. While your inborn love of freedom will never be completely quelled, financial limitations could somewhat cramp your style at this time.

This year, your willingness to commit – both financially and sexually – comes under the microscope in the second half of 2018. As a Star Sign, Sagittarius has a well deserved reputation for enjoying being footloose and fancy-free. But because it also has the highest moral principles in the entire Zodiac, it doesn’t flinch from stepping up to the mark when the situation demands it.

All you Sagitttarians, both the singletons among you and those of you in steady relationships, may feel the impact of the Solar Eclipse on 12th July. Falling in your Intimacy Sector – the area of your Solar Chart that rules matters relating to shared money and emotions – it will give you a hard kick if you’ve been neglecting your sexual and/or financial responsibilities to your partner.

In the late Summer and Fall of 2018 you may need to clip your wings a little, Sagittarius, in order to attend to some outstanding romantic obligations. This is particularly important in order for you to gain the full benefit of the entry of Jupiter (your ruling planet) into your Star Sign at the beginning of November.

As the planet of good karma, Jupiter brings the blessing of abundance as a reward for past good deeds. So the more good deeds you have carried out and the more integrity and goodwill you have expressed in your dealings with others, the more gifts it will be able to bring your way.

To get the very most out of Jupiter’s ingress into your Star Sign, Sagittarius, be sure to settle as many of your karmic debts as possible before the advent of the last couple of months of 2018.