Aries 2018 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



The theme of good luck and happiness in your love life, which started last year for you, Aries, continues on through most of 2018.

Perhaps the very best news for you this year, Aries, is that Jupiter, the planet of good karma, will be lighting up the Sex and Intimacy Sector of your Solar Chart until the first week of November.

If you’re part of a couple, Jupiter gifts you the chance to deepen your emotional and sexual connection with your partner and grow much closer together before the New Year ends. Take this as far as you want to – with Jupiter there’s no limit on where you can go and what you can achieve in your love life.

For single Arians, or those seeking new love, Jupiter in your sex sector means lots of new opportunities for enjoyable romantic encounters, whether casual and light-hearted or more profound and meaningful, depending on exactly what you are currently looking for – and when.

Which brings us to the other critically important news for you Aries, which is that after seven long years resident in your Star Sign, Uranus ( the planet of freedom) finally starts to move out in May 2018 – only to return briefly towards the end of the year.

Between May and November all Aries folk will be less in the mood for no-strings-attached liaisons and more interested in stability and permanence. So fewer one-night-stands for Arians still sowing their wild oats, and less unsettling uncertainty for those currently in a committed relationship. Could it finally be time for some of you restless Arians to start to settle down?

This year, Aries, two powerful Eclipses in your Solar House of Love Affairs points to an important new beginning in your sex life. The lunar Eclipse on 31st January helps to tie up the loose ends of any relationship already naturally drawing to a close, enabling you to fully move on.

Then after a short breather, you’re all set to reap the benefits of the glorious Leo Solar Eclipse on 11th August. This opens up the possibility of a sizzling ‘Summer of Love’ for all Aries natives, with the possibility of either meeting ‘the One’ – or perhaps realizing you’ve actually already found them.

Romantically, the Stars are on your side this year Aries. With unpredictable Uranus finally on the way out, there’s nothing to stop you from making a big success of love in 2018!