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Moon in Taurus



Basically quite placid and even-tempered, Moon in Taurus people possess a mellow, down-to-earth temperament. Their reactions are motivated largely by practical considerations and they’re not given to flamboyant emotional displays.

These individuals’ emotional steadiness represents one of their greatest strengths. But at the same time they can be lacking in spontaneity, are rather slow to get going, and will only ever move at their own pace.

Moon in Taurus types are strong-willed and determined and once decided on a course of action, can be relied on to see it through to the end. These folk are renowned for their great patience and perseverance. But if pushed into making commitments before they are good and ready, they can also be extremely stubborn. 


Moon in Taurus individuals have a very strong need for a sense of permanence in their lives. Because they find it hard to make changes that require any kind of emotional adjustment, they do best when following a stable, regular routine.

Financial security is very important to these Moon types and money worries are especially undermining to their emotional wellbeing. They thrive in a comfortable domestic environment with plenty of home comforts and get a lot of satisfaction from the acquisition of high-quality material possessions.

These are sensuous, earthy people who derive emotional nourishment from the physical aspects of life. Moon in Taurus types love good food and wine, and need a lot of tangible affection from the important people in their lives.

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