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Moon in Aquarius



Emotionally, Moon in Aquarius folk tend to be very cool and collected, with the ability to readily detach themselves from their own and other people’s feelings. Since their instinctive responses are ruled more by their head than their heart, they approach life from a strictly logical, somewhat impersonal standpoint. As a result, these Moon types can have a hard time understanding others’ emotional needs, and can often seem lacking in warmth and empathy.

Since their emotions don’t tend to get in the way of their value judgments, Moon in Aquarius individuals are capable of dispassionately assessing situations and arriving at balanced and sensible decisions. This ability to control their feelings can also be helpful in keeping their relationships on an even keel.


For their peace of mind it’s very important to Moon in Aquarius individuals to feel emotionally free and unencumbered. For this reason, they need a great deal of independence in their personal relationships and plenty of scope to socialize widely and freely without any kind of restrictions.

Jealousy and possessiveness in their partners and friends are abhorrent to these Moon types and extremely difficult for them to relate to and understand. Claustrophobic relationships make these individuals feel very ill at ease and traditional family ties may be less important to them than they are to most other people. A communal lifestyle suits them best and they generally feel most secure in a group setting, and in an atmosphere that is open and experimental.

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