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Moon in Virgo



Moon in Virgo people are very sensitive, cautious, and shy about revealing their feelings and in turn can feel uncomfortable accepting warmth and empathy from others. Though they may love and care for someone a great deal, they rarely express those feelings openly and freely. For this reason they can sometimes seem rather cool and aloof – and much more so than they actually feel.

Highly discriminating and analytical by nature, these Moon types have strongly developed critical faculties. Because their instinctive response is always to look at the details and minutiae of a situation rather than see the big picture, they may be prone to constantly picking out flaws and imperfections, while failing to give due acknowledgement to successes and achievements. Born perfectionists, Moon in Virgo individuals set high standards both for themselves and for others, and worry a great deal when things aren’t ‘right’.


Modest, unassuming and often self-deprecating, people with Moon in Virgo tend not be very emotionally demanding. These folk aren’t keen on being the center of attention and may even actively shun the limelight. They’re not looking for lavish demonstrations of praise and admiration, which they may actually find acutely embarrassing. They derive their greatest sense of emotional satisfaction from feeling that they are being useful to others and in turn prefer others to express their affection for them by helping them in practical ways.

Although their emotional needs are few, Moon in Virgo types do have a very strong desire for order and cleanliness. A regular, methodical routine is essential to their emotional wellbeing, and they quickly become nervous and irritable in chaotic or grubby surroundings.

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