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Moon in Sagittarius



This Moon placement makes for an optimistic, positive and buoyant temperament with an ability always to look on the bright side of life. Quick to throw off negative feelings and not the type to harbor grudges, Moon in Sagittarius individuals take a philosophic approach to life’s difficulties, preferring to keep things on a light note.

At the same time they may be lacking in empathy with people who don’t share their own emotional strength and resilience and rather uncomfortable when forced to deal with others’ emotional problems and pain.

These Moon types tend to have high moral standards, both for themselves and their close associates. Quick to anger when others behave dishonourably, at their worst they can be rather judgmental with a tendency to preach or get up on their moral soapbox.


Emotional freedom is very important to Moon in Sagittarius individuals. For this reason, they tend to shy away from overly restrictive relationship commitments or needy, dependent people. In particular, they dislike having to deal with ‘heavy’ issues that require a lot of emotional engagement on their part.

Staying on the move, both literally and figuratively, gives these Moon types their strongest sense of emotional security. They feel hemmed in and claustrophobic when subjected to any kind of limitation and tend to be happiest when constantly travelling around from place to place.

Moon in Sagittarius individuals may find a steady domestic routine quite hard to cope with, and do best with a partner and family who allows them plenty of free scope.

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