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Moon in Pisces



Moon in Pisces individuals possess an exceptionally high level of emotional sensitivity. Tender-hearted and sympathetic to an unusual degree, these lunar types have an almost telepathic understanding of other people’s emotional needs and an ability to instinctively put themselves in others’ shoes.

While this gives them great compassion for all forms of pain and suffering, it also means their emotional boundaries are often too open, making them susceptible to manipulation or abuse.

Because their feelings run so deep, Moon in Pisces folk are very easily hurt and disillusioned, can be quite moody, and prone to crippling self-pity at times. Dreamers by nature with a powerful imagination, these people have a hard time distinguishing between fact and fiction and can be very evasive at times.


People whose Moon falls in Pisces vitally need periods of peace and solitude, when they can retreat into a private world of their own.

For their emotional wellbeing it’s extremely important for these Moon types to avoid harsh, negative atmospheres and to regularly immerse themselves in things that feed their heart and soul. Otherwise they can easily become overwhelmed by other people’s emotions, which they tend to soak up like a psychic sponge.

To weather the hard knocks of life, Moon in Pisces folk need to cultivate a much thicker outer skin, while surrounding themselves with plenty of emotional support. A kind and caring family, a close circle of friends, and a nurturing home environment are particularly important to those whose Moon falls in this sign.

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