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Moon in Leo



Moon in Leo people have a warm, magnanimous response to the world around them and are exceptionally generous to others both at an emotional and a material level. These Moon types instinctively understand the importance of positive feedback for building strong self-esteem, for which reason they excel at both giving and receiving praise and recognition.

Because they possess a lot of personal pride, Moon in Leo individuals are prone to sulking or emotional outbursts when their ego has been wounded and they’re generally very poor at handling personal criticism. On the other hand, they thrive on compliments and applause which always bring out the very best in them. Genuine and sincere, they hate emotional games and dishonesty: with Moon in Leo, what you see is what you get.


Individuals born under this Moon placement have a deep emotional need to be recognized and appreciated and hate to be ignored. Moon in Leo people derive emotional fulfillment from showing off their gifts and talents to an admiring audience and get great satisfaction from being the center of attraction. Big party animals, they enjoy putting on a good show for their friends and loved ones and giving everyone a great time.

In the absence of sufficiently appreciative feedback, or when they feel others aren’t taking enough notice of them, these individuals have a habit of trying to grab the spotlight through attention seeking behavior. Their weak point is vanity and susceptibility to flattery, which sometimes clouds their better judgment. Their strong point is their sunny, confident and good-natured disposition.

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