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Moon in Gemini



Moon in Gemini individuals are quick witted, fun loving and sociable and respond to life in a light-hearted, somewhat irreverent way. Natural communicators and compulsive talkers, they thrive on mental stimulation, without which they quickly become restless and fidgety. When bored (which happens quite frequently) these Moon types are prone to moodiness and irritability.

People with Moon in Gemini adopt a rational, objective approach to interpersonal problems, preferring to settle differences by talking things out in a reasonable manner rather than through emotional engagement. Because these Moon types are so good at controlling their feelings, they generally possess good judgment. Their weak points are their poor concentration, lack of consistency, and difficulty in holding their tongue.


People born under this Moon sign are likely to have relatively uncomplicated emotional needs. Since they are highly logical by nature, Moon in Gemini folk have little desire to discuss deep feelings, often being unaware both of their own and of others people’s more complex emotional ‘stuff’.

These individuals tend to feel uncomfortable when forced to confront emotional neediness or dependency in others, for which reason they often shy away from close emotional involvements. Because Moon in Gemini types place a high value on personal freedom and choice, they hate to be stuck with one person or in one place for very long. Change and variety are very important to Moon in Gemini people: both literally and figuratively, they prefer to keep on the move.

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