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Moon in Capricorn



By temperament, Moon in Capricorn individuals tend to be quite serious, reserved and cautious. In general these are trustworthy and highly responsible folk who possess a lot of emotional integrity and take their obligations and duties very seriously.

They are renowned for their strict self-control which enables them to keep a careful lid on their feelings. At the same time, however, they may be lacking in spontaneity, and can appear overly practical and business-like at times.

Shrewd, savvy, and in some situations highly calculating, these Moon types always think carefully about the material consequences of their emotional responses before revealing to others where they stand. Because much of their emotional security is invested in their ambitions for the future, advancing their status is always at the forefront of their mind.


While the emotional needs of Moon in Capricorn people are no less significant than those of any other Moon placement, these lunar types do have a marked tendency to ignore or repress their feelings.

Because they fear others may not accept them if they appear needy, they may be guarded and self-conscious about expressing their love and affection, and wary of showing any signs of emotional weakness. Perhaps because they were forced to carry too many responsibilities when young, people with Moon in Capricorn are often very uncomfortable with emotional dependency, and will quietly censor themselves and others for being ‘babyish’.

These Moon types care a great deal about what other people think of them, and fear of losing others’ respect can be a source of deep concern for them.

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