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Moon in Cancer



Moon in Cancer folk possess a much higher level of emotional sensitivity than the average person. On the one hand, this enables them to easily empathize with others' feelings and instinctively understand their unspoken needs. But it also means that personally they are very easily hurt and prone to unpredictable moods and worries which they may find hard to explain.

These Moon types’ anxieties center primarily on the wellbeing of those they care most deeply about and are most fearful of losing. Born under the most nurturing of all the Moon signs, they experience a powerful urge to nourish and protect the ones closest to them, which at best makes them wonderful carers, but at worst may manifest as ‘smother love’.


Because Moon in Cancer people desperately need to feel needed, their greatest sense of inner satisfaction comes from caring devotedly for their dependents. At the same time, however, due to their extreme sensitivity, they vitally need periods of quiet withdrawal in order to recharge their emotional batteries and avoid burning themselves out.

Since their home and family are of paramount importance to their sense of emotional security, Moon in Cancer people need a loving and stable domestic environment. Maintaining close contact with their parents and relatives generally means a great deal to these Moon types, and some may find it hard ever to break away from their family’s influence. Highly sentimental by nature, these folk derive much emotional comfort from surrounding themselves with objects and mementoes that invoke happy memories, and in this sense enjoy ‘living in the past’.

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