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Moon in Aries



Emotionally strong, courageous and high-spirited, Moon in Aries people are exceptionally open and direct in the expression of their feelings. Their instinctive reactions are very powerful and spontaneous but also short-lived, and their passions tend to dissipate quite quickly.

Emotional impulsiveness and aggression count among these Moon types’ weak points. They have a tendency to jump to conclusions without having properly ‘felt into’ a situation, leading to errors of judgment and uncontrolled outbursts.

However, although quick to anger, Moon in Aries people rarely hold onto grudges or negative feelings. They have the ability to easily put arguments behind them and their emotional tantrums never last for very long!


With their ebullient temperament, Moon in Aries individuals need to be able to give immediate vent to their feelings. Bottling up their emotions or holding in anger is psychologically harmful for these Moon types.

Moon in Aries people thrive on a fast, exciting pace of life and feel impatient, irritable and restless when things aren’t moving as quickly as they would like them to. They are always happiest when constantly on the go.

Because this Moon sign placement makes for a high level of emotional self-sufficiency, these individuals dislike showing any signs of emotional weakness or dependency. In turn, they may find it hard to express empathy towards more emotionally needy people: Moon in Aries folk aren’t renowned for their nurturing skills!

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