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Flirting Tips for Scorpio with an Aquarius


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Born under the Star Sign of Scorpio, you're the most dangerous flirt in the Zodiac!

If you're typical of your Star Sign, your instinctive seduction style is cool, calculating - and at times totally deadly! Seduction, for you, is a personal challenge that has to be won - and you'll stop at nothing to get your prey.

Your eyes are your strongest weapon of seduction and you use these to full effect to bring the one you desire under your power. A key element of your control strategy is to find out as much as you can about the other person in order to identify their weaknesses. Personally, though, you're careful to give away as little as possible and avoid revealing your hand too soon.

By creating a sense of mystery about yourself, you aim to keep others constantly on the hook. Before they know it, they're fatally attracted to you - but once the thrill of the chase is over, you may already have lost interest!

A formidable technique! But how well is it likely to work on the other 12 Star Signs? And how best can you modify it in order to maximize your chances of seduction success?

Flirting with an Aquarius

To improve your chances with this Star Sign, go easy on the power games!

Bear in mind that most of these people are fairly detached creatures who function mainly at the cerebral level. They're not into any kind of heavy stuff, and don't respond well to emotional cues. So unless you make it blatantly obvious where you're coming from, they probably won't get the message.

Your worst move, then, with any Sun Sign Aquarian is come across as overly intense and secretive. Your best move is to just be yourself - and show your individuality and ingenuity.

What's important to understand about people born under this Star Sign is that they're attracted by anything that's clever and unusual. It's relatively easy to arouse their interest by giving the impression of being a little bit different. Whether it's how you look or what you say or do, it doesn't really matter. To them, normal is synonymous with boring, so you just have to stand out from the crowd.

The secret of successful flirting is to adapt your technique to the particular Star Sign you're attempting to impress. Get inside their head, know what makes them tick and you're off to an excellent start!