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Which Star Signs Tend to be the Most Honest?


photoTelling it like it is on a first date isn’t always easy. To make a good impression, it’s tempting to fib about our job, finances, relationship history or anything else we’re less than proud of. It’s easy to convince ourselves there’s nothing wrong with bending the truth in the interests of a promising relationship and that a few first-date lies aren’t a big deal.

But for those of us on the receiving end of this kind of dishonesty, it’s not a good feeling. When we eventually discover we have been hoodwinked by a disingenuous would-be lover, the ensuing sense of let-down and loss of trust can be devastating – especially if we have already started to fall in love. So which star signs should we feel most confident to take at face value – and which ones are likely to be the biggest fakes?

Which Star Signs Tend To Be The Most Honest?

The star sign best known for its innate honesty is probably Sagittarius. Most Sagittarians have a strong sense of morality and lying in any shape or form – whatever the repercussions – is something they’re extremely uncomfortable with. In fact, a Sagittarian’s truthfulness is sometimes so brutal, it’s hard to live with. With Sagittarius, as with Aries, another star sign known for its uncompromising directness, in most cases what you see is what you get.

Like Aries, Aquarius feels no need to be anything other than itself in relationships, which obviates the need to tell anything other than the stark truth. Tolerant and acceptant of other people’s quirks and failings, it would never even consider the idea that you might be critical of, or put off by, its own shortcomings or pecularities. Certainly, an Aquarian would never lie to you simply in order to conform to the norm.

Although it couldn’t be more different to unconventional Aquarius, traditionally minded Taurus has a similarly straightforward approach when talking about itself on dates. Since it’s an earth sign, however, it tends to limit itself to factual information – as does Virgo, a stickler for accuracy and precision. Not renowned for their imagination or mental inventiveness, massaging the truth doesn’t come easily to those born under these star signs. In fact many of them don’t actually know how to lie.

Which Signs Are More Likely to Be Fakes?

Then, of course, there are those signs who will happily reveal everything about themselves provided it shows them in a good light, while carefully glossing over the ‘bad stuff’ of which they’re a little ashamed. Leo and Capricorn, both inveterate self-publicists, are quite capable of embellishing the truth in order to impress an audience. However, both these signs hopefully have too much self-respect to let themselves down by deliberately telling big lies.

Don’t believe everything you hear about Scorpio’s supposed honesty. Although Scorpio is infamous for its cutting truthfulness, it tends to apply only to its (admittedly scarily accurate) insights into other people. Where revealing the truth about itself is concerned, it’s far less forthcoming. This water sign is unlikely to lie outright, but is reluctant to give away its personal secrets, its motivation being to keep the balance of power in its own hands.

The other two water signs, Cancer and Pisces, are more suspect in terms of their integrity. Because both are so strongly intuitive, in any situation they instinctively sense what is safe to reveal and what is better to keep covered up. Easily hurt and generally respectful of other’s feelings too, they will readily bend the truth to protect themselves – or you – if necessary. Often they’ll lie without even realizing it; distinguishing between fact and fiction can be hard for them at times.

Two star signs are on level pegging for the title of ‘Biggest Fake in the Zodiac’. Gemini and Libra, both shameless people-pleasers, probably have the worst reputation for being false or two-faced. These smooth-talking air signs are experts at telling us what we want to hear, quite often at the expense of integrity. Because they’re also charming, witty and lots of fun to be with, much of the time they get away with it. Proceed at your own risk!

Please note this article is for entertainment purposes only. If you have any serious concerns regarding the honesty of the person you are dating, you should carry out your own enquiries.

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