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Prince Harry - A Chip Off the Old Block?


photoHave you heard that old rumor that carrot-top Harry was fathered not by Prince Charles, but by James Hewitt, his mother’s red-haired one-time lover? Of course, it’s all nonsense since Diana confirmed she didn’t even start her affair with the dashing young cavalry officer until some two years after Harry was born. But for even more evidence of Harry’s true paternity, just look at the links between his own birth chart and Prince Charles’s.
Okay, so looks-wise the two may not have a lot in common. But what they do share is the same sign placement of both Venus (in romantic Libra) and Mars (in fiery Sagittarius). In terms of their action style and their love style, Charles and Harry are like two peas in a pod!

Venus in Romantic Libra

How a man expresses love and approaches relationships is reflected astrologically by his Venus sign. When his Venus falls in Libra, the sign over which it has natural rulership, he will be endowed with an inborn charm and charisma which make him exceptionally attractive to the opposite sex. Men with Venus in Libra adore women, and in turn women tend to be crazy about them!

The internationally publicized photos of Harry’s naked antics with a group of nubile young women in Las Vegas prove he’s clearly not lacking for female attention. His widely recognized warmth, friendliness and genuine empathy – qualities rare in most males but also notable in dad Charles (who charmed a whole of bevy of beauties in his youth) – go a long away to accounting for both men’s huge popularity with women.

Mars in Swashbuckling Sagittarius

Another big help has to be the fact that both of them also have Mars (the planet of masculinity) in red-blooded, swashbuckling Sagittarius. Athletic and adventurous, men with a Sagittarian Mars are archetypal action hero types, always eager to rescue a helpless damsel in distress. Big jokers with a penchant for slapstick, they have the ability to put others immediately at ease with a joke or humorous remark, making them the kind of men most easily able to laugh a girl into bed.

Compulsive risk-takers, these types enjoy daring sports and overseas travel and are often drawn to the thrills and spills of military life. However, a tendency to push their luck too far means their dare-devil antics often land them in trouble and, especially where women are concerned, they’re known for making some terrible gaffes. All of which immediately strikes a chord where playboy/war hero Harry is concerned – but does it also ring true of his dad?

Like Son, Like Father?

As direct heir to the throne, Charles was never permitted to put his life on the line in the way Harry has done in Afghanistan. Nevertheless, he completed more than five years of active service in the Royal Navy and has been an avid participant in competitive sports, notably polo, suffering a number of serious accidents along the way. Another big passion is comedy, with Charles claiming the title of highest ranking Monty Python fan in the world. This given, reprimanding Harry for his lunatic pranks couldn’t have come easily to his dad!

Having been prompted by Lord Mountbatten to sow as many wild oats as he could before settling down, Charles seems to have followed his uncle’s advice to a tee. But unlike Harry, whose reckless disregard for danger is exacerbated by Mars conjunct devil-may-care Uranus, he took care to ensure any early romantic scandals were discretely hushed up. With his Venus conjoined by secretive Neptune, Charles was generally quite good at covering his tracks in his love life – perhaps that’s the main difference between himself and Harry.

Everything changed, though, on the disclosure of Charles’s long-term adultery with Camilla Parker-Bowles, culminating in the publication of the ‘Camillagate’ tapes detailing their embarrassingly intimate conversations. In 1992 – the Royal Family’s ‘annus horribilis’ – as Pluto (the planet of revelation) transited his Sun, Charles underwent a public shaming no less damaging than anything recently suffered by Prince Harry. Dad may have gone through the motions in chastising his wayward son for failing to keep private his romantic antics in Las Vegas. But, given his own past misdemeanors, he surely knew he hadn’t a leg to stand on!

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