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Which Star Signs are the Most Controlling?


photoBecause every Star Sign is controlling in their own way, you’ll need to wise up to their clever power play tactics to avoid getting pushed around!

Have you ever been accused of being a control freak? For some Star Signs it’s actually a kind of compliment and something they’ll proudly own up to. For others though, it’s the worst insult in the world because, regardless of just how power mad they actually are, they simply can’t see it in themselves. Read on to discover just what kind of a control freak YOU are!

ARIES has no qualms about taking a leadership role in life. As the very first sign of the Zodiac, it knows it was born to show others the way rather than to be a follower. But the jury is out on whether it deserves the label ‘control freak’. What you see is what you get with Aries people. They won’t lie, cheat or go undercover to get what they want and they’ll never play emotional power games. They know their best tactic is simply to make a lot of very loud noise about it in their uniquely direct and outspoken way. 

TAURUS suffers a great deal, beneath its serene and unruffled exterior, from feelings of material and emotional insecurity. Consequently, to protect themselves from unwelcome change or loss, Taurus people are prone to behaving in an extremely possessive way. Their key weapon for holding on to the people or things they’re most attached to is their intractable stubbornness. They have no need to be openly or aggressively controlling when just digging their heels in gets them everything they want.

GEMINI folk have a reputation for being cheery and easygoing, and one of the last Star Signs you’d be likely to call a control freak. Take a closer look though, and you’ll see that though they detest physical aggression, mentally they always demand the upper hand. Geminis love to play verbal power games, and they always play to win. With their sharp wit, wide-ranging knowledge, and clever put-downs, they’ll get the better of you in just about any kind of control struggle whenever you’re off your guard.

CANCER’s meek and mild, ‘butter wouldn’t melt’ demeanor does a good job of making you think they’re much too gentle and nice to ever try to push you around. But while that may be true much of the time, when faced with any threats to their emotional security, including their home and family, they can stoop to some surprisingly unpleasant manipulative tactics in order to retain control. Never under-estimate a Cancerian’s awesome emotional intelligence and its ability to make mincemeat of you.

LEO is the Star Sign most often named as the biggest control freak, but very few Leos would actually agree. You see, to them their bossiness isn’t about being controlling, but simply a natural expression of their leadership qualities. Because Leo folk genuinely think they know best in almost every situation, they believe they’d be letting everyone down if they didn’t take charge. Clandestine power games aren’t their scene though. Why would they need to be manipulative when they know their authority always prevails. 

VIRGO people are self-confessed perfectionists, and because it’s impossible to be a perfectionist without also being a control freak, it’s hard for them to deny their controlling ways. Openly ordering you about isn’t their style, though, They’ll simply pick constant holes in everything you’re thinking, saying or doing until you make the necessary corrections to meet their exactingly high standards. In their eyes there’s only one right way of doing things and that’s their way. Tough luck if your way isn’t quite the same.

LIBRA, the sign of the Scales, seeks a perfect equilibrium of power in all their relationships – although in practice they rarely achieve it. Their conciliatory nature, coupled with a deep hatred of confrontation, means they’re usually the first to back down and give way in a battle of wills. Then their only option for redressing the resultant power imbalance is to resort to passive-aggressive tactics like procrastination and avoidance. Libras go to great lengths to avoid being called control freaks, but maybe they’re the cleverest ones of all?

SCORPIO people will happily claim the title of ‘biggest control freak’ as a prized badge of honor. Ruled by Pluto, the planet of power, they know that acquiring and retaining control are vital to prevent others from pushing them around, and ultimately for their very survival. They’re also clever enough to know that subtle control tactics are far more effective than openly aggressive ones. Because they play their cards close to their chest, others underestimate what they’re capable of, and thus are taken by surprise when they go in for the kill.

SAGITTARIUS folk are fervent believers in personal freedom and often get up on their moral soap box to speak out for human rights. Surely then, the very last people who could be labelled ‘control freaks’! But when their sermonizing amounts to trying to force others to comply with their own strict ideas on what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, aren’t they actually attempting to take away their moral freedoms? In their own way Sagittarius may be just as much of a control freak as any other Star Sign, but in disguise as a libertarian.

CAPRICORN works very hard to climb up the ladder and when they get there they love wielding a big stick to keep everyone beneath them in line. Capricorn is the rule enforcer of the Zodiac and those born under this Star Sign naturally fall into a policing role both in their work and their personal relationships. Interestingly, they’re also extremely good at policing themselves. Because they believe so strongly in the importance of discipline, their desire for power over other people is no greater than their need for strict self-control.

AQUARIUS’s declared ‘anything goes’ philosophy belies a strong inner compulsion to change the world to better fit with their ideals. While they have little interest in emotional power play, mentally they’re massive control freaks, on a mission to change others’ thoughts and beliefs in order to convert them to their own mindset. Their top weapon is probably their intellectual stubbornness. By refusing ever to yield to others’ opinions, they forever keep the balance of intellectual power firmly in their own hands.

PISCES folk often lack the confidence and courage to openly assert their control in conflict situations. Instead they aim to get what they want by covert, roundabout means which make good use of their talent for playacting. ‘Poor me’ is a well known control tactic beloved of Pisceans, which involves bigging up one’s vulnerability and distress in order to obtain a sympathetic response. By acting helpless Fishes excel at getting people running round after them and agreeing to their every demand without realizing they’ve been taken for fools. 


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