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Venus Sign Compatibility


photoAstrologers look to the Zodiac Sign occupied by Venus when a couple were born for two important pieces of information which will critically affect their romantic compatibility. 

Firstly, each person’s Venus’s Sign shows the way they express their affection for their partner. Secondly, it describes the things in life they get the most enjoyment from. In other words, HOW and WHAT they love. 

Why is Venus Sign Compatibility Important?

Among the most compatible couples, how they love and what they love will largely correspond. So each person will tend to express their affection in a way the other easily relates to – and feels fulfilled by. Both are also likely to share the same kind of tastes and leisure interests, which form a strong unifying bond between them.

In any romantic partnership or close friendship, trouble arises if the two people have different love styles – for example if one is very emotionally demonstrative while the other is comparatively cool and detached. Having different hobbies and pastimes can also pose a problem if these serve to create a barrier between them. Couples who don’t share much fun together often end up gradually drifting apart.

In short, couples with compatible Venus Signs are likely to experience the most romantically fulfilling relationships which have the best chances of enduring over the long term. So the big question, of course, is which Venus Signs go best together?

Which Venus Signs Are Most Compatible With Each Other?

There may not be any official statistics to prove it, but anecdotal evidence suggests that romantic partners whose Venus Signs both belong to the same Element (Fire, Earth, Air or Water) enjoy the happiest relationships. 

So What is the Best Match for Your Own Venus Sign? 

If your Venus Sign belongs to the Fire Element, i.e. is in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius, choosing a partner with a Venus Sign in the same group will ensure their expression of love is just as passionate and demonstrative as yours, because like you, they prefer a relationship with a little bit of drama. Shared pastimes that get your adrenaline flowing and generate a lot of excitement will serve to strengthen your love bond. 

If your Venus Sign belongs to the Earth Element, i.e. is in Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn, you’ll fare best with a partner whose Venus Sign also belongs to the element of Earth. You’ll satisfy each other’s need for physical and material evidence of your mutual commitment. You’ll also both take the same kind of pleasure in practical, earthy pastimes and nature-based activities.

If your Venus Sign belongs to the Air Element, i.e. is in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, partnering with someone who also has an Air Venus Sign means you’ll both love spending your time talking and sharing ideas, so won’t lack the strong mental connection that’s so important to you. Your non-sentimental, somewhat detached love style suits the two of you extremely well. 

If your Venus Sign belongs to the Water Element, i.e. is in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, you won’t go wrong with a partner who also has a Watery Venus. You both have a high degree of romantic sensitivity and your expression of love tends to be strongly emotional. Culturally, you’re both drawn to music, art, movies, literature and poetry that stir your deepest feelings, thus bringing you even closer together.

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