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Cancer - A Dating Guide



Dating a Cancer? Then prepare to meet the family! Mother, Father, Great Uncle Walter – or maybe just the pet pooch. What you have to realize is it’s not just them you’re dating, but also their entire tribe. Welcome to the biggest homebody of the Zodiac and the most domesticated of all the star signs.

Ruled by the Moon – the symbol of motherhood – Cancerians of both genders possess a powerful caring and nurturing instinct. Once you’re ‘in’ with Cancer, it’s the sign most likely to cook you a meal like Granny used to make, kiss it better when it hurts, and generally take you under its wing.

Does this mean Cancerians can seem a bit smothering at times? Well, if you hate people constantly clucking round you, you may have a few difficulties adjusting to this sign. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for a surrogate mother and have a strong need for love and belonging, you’ll get a lot out of dating a Cancerian.
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As WATER signs, Crabs are sensitive, cautious creatures who relate to the world primarily at an emotional level and can sometimes be hard to coax out of their shell. Because Cancerians guard their privacy fiercely, it takes a while to break down their natural inhibitions and win their trust and respect.

How to know when you’ve succeeded? The moment they invite you home! Territorial by nature, Cancerians are quite particular about who they let into their nest. Often a bit insecure when they find themselves on unfamiliar ground, they feel more confident and empowered in their own surroundings. For this reason, cosy stay-in dates tend to suit Cancerians best.

Because people born under the sign of Cancer take a cautious, old-fashioned approach to dating, a quick fling isn’t usually their scene. Traditionalists at heart, with an inbuilt respect for what has gone before, they’d really prefer everything to stay exactly the same way it has always been and for many Cancerians, change – especially in their love life – can be quite a scary thing.

Cancerians are big hoarders: they’re very sentimental about objects that remind them of the past and find it hard to let go of belongings they’ve had in their life for a long while. This possessiveness can also extend to dates and lovers they’ve gotten attached to, which means they can sometimes get rather clingy when a relationship threatens to come to an end. 

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