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Virgo 2017 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



Virgo 2017 Love Horoscope Overview

With three powerful Eclipses impacting on the ‘Service’ Sectors of your Solar Chart in 2017, the importance of keeping your instinctive urge to help others under sensible control can’t be overly emphasized, Virgo.

In the middle of February and again during August be careful to avoid making excessive self-sacrifices in the process of assisting others with their problems. Not only are you likely to exhaust yourself, both physically and psychologically, but you also risk seriously upsetting the balance of power in your relationships.

Don’t fall into the classic Virgo trap of making a doormat of yourself and letting others walk all over you in 2017. Remember to nurture yourself, as well as the ones you love, and take extra care of your delicate nervous system to avoid health problems around the times of the Eclipses on February 10th, August 7th and 21st August.

Virgo 2017 Romance Horoscope Forecast

Maintaining a sense of personal control over your love life is a continuing theme in your Solar Horoscope this year. One way you may be subconsciously seeking to keep your lover under your thumb is through running around after their every need and making yourself indispensable to them (as described above). Another subtle control tactic may be to try to ‘buy’ their love.

Although definitely not known for your wild extravagance, Virgo, with expansive Jupiter cruising through your Money Sector until the first week of October, you’re probably more willing to loosen your purse strings in the interests of love and romance. And when it squares up with control-freak Pluto, your motives may be rather more manipulative than you realize.

Be careful, Virgo, not to go overboard and overspend on your sweetheart – especially around the times of the big Jupiter-Pluto squares on 30th March and 4th August. Of course there’s nothing wrong with presenting your lover with a material token of your affection for them. But could it be that your newfound generosity is also about keeping the power in the relationship firmly in your own hands?

Virgo 2017 Partnerships Horoscope Forecast

As an Earthy Virgo, you’re instinctively attracted to life partners who embody some of the characteristics of your opposite Sign, Pisces. So while they may not actually be born under the Sign of the Fish, they’re likely to be gentle, sensitive-hearted and artistic souls who can also be rather weak and unreliable at times.

Many Virgos spend their entire lives mopping up the messes created by their helpless, impractical friends or partners. ‘Giving’ as such isn’t a problem for Virgo people, but even they have their limits if they feel they’re being taken for a fool. If you find that happening to you this year, Virgo, put your foot down before it’s too late.

The powerful Pisces Solar Eclipse on February 26th, which falls in your Partnerships Sector, carries the risk of your being let down in some noteworthy way by your Significant Other. It could simply be yet another giant gaffe or blunder on their part, which this time happens to be especially annoying. Alternatively – and in the worst case scenario – you may have to contend with an act of deliberate guile or deception.

None of this has to be particularly tragic, nor is it likely to lead to a break-up. But if you catch out your partner being unreasonably careless, irresponsible or downright dishonest, it’s a clear message that you need to set them much firmer boundaries which they aren’t allowed ever to cross.
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Virgo 2017 Sex Horoscope Forecast

Strong physical attractions, perhaps to the most unlikely of people, are set to spice up your sex life in 2017, Virgo. Be wary, however, of acting too rashly and impetuously on these sexual impulses, particularly during February and March.

Be especially careful around the time of Uranus’s conjunction with fiery Mars on the 26th February. As this also happens to be day of the first Solar Eclipse of the year, if you act on your desires without first analyzing the practical risks in your usual way, you could easily end up getting your fingers burned.

Be aware, too, that Venus Retrograding in your Intimacy Sector throughout the month of March is a relationship deal-breaker that can dash your hopes and dreams. Don’t rate the success of your relationship solely on sexual compatibility – and don’t jump into bed too soon. There may be other troublesome issues waiting to reveal themselves further down the line and once you have committed yourself sexually, it may be much harder to take a step back.

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