Virgo 2018 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



With freedom-oriented Uranus due to move out of your Solar House of Intimacy in the middle of May, the opportunities for sexual experimentation which have been open to you over the last few years, Virgo, will be diminishing somewhat in 2018.

Maybe you have been taking advantage of these, maybe you have not. But in either case, your outlook on love, sex and romance may be rather different from hereon.

This year, Virgo, the key change in your Solar Chart is the entry of Saturn, the planet of responsibility, into your Love Affairs Sector. This lends a more serious note to your love life, with more emphasis on establishing and maintaining committed, long-term relationships than may have been the case in recent times.

The kind of relationships that work best for you right now are those which best meet your practical needs and are sufficiently well grounded to withstand the tough test of time. If your current partnership meets these criteria, you may consider putting it on a more formalized footing. If it does not, you’re likely to find it increasingly empty and unfulfilling as the year unfolds.

What’s really helpful about having Saturn in this area of your Solar Chart is that it gives you the necessary patience and determination to work steadily towards finding and/or creating a really sound and workable romantic relationship.

With Neptune, the planet of ideals, resident in your Partnerships Sector since 2012, you’ve long been questioning exactly what, in your eyes, constitutes the perfect relationship – and it hasn’t been easy.

While in one sense you’ve become more forgiving of potential or existing partners’ flaws and failings, in other ways you’re now even more picky than ever! With Saturn in your Love Affairs Sector, one thing you simply won’t tolerate now in a lover is undependability. You’re taking love much more seriously now – and you expect your partner to do the same.

Two Eclipses on 31st January and 11th August, in the area of your Solar Chart that rules your far memory, will be dredging up distant recollections of past romantic let-downs that help to reshape your list of relationship must-haves. Although still very desirable, a sizzling sex life isn’t sufficient in itself. Equally important to you is having a Significant Other on whom you can totally rely.

If what you’re looking for is both excitement and reliability in one and the same relationship, be sure to ring round the 25th August in your 2018 diary, Virgo.

On this date a highly favorable Grand Trine configuration centered on your Star Sign and drawing on the stimulating and stabilizing energies of Uranus and Saturn respectively, activates your Romance Sector. As a result, any relationship that starts or is re-activated around this time should not only prove sexually exciting, but also have good staying power!