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Pisces 2017 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



Pisces 2017 Love Horoscope Overview

Do yourself a favor, Pisces, and start 2017 with a fabulous personal makeover! It will give a huge boost to your personal confidence and make you feel on top of the world!

The Pisces Solar Eclipse on February 26th in your ‘Me’ Sector offers you the chance to completely re-invent your personal image so as to make the very best of your looks and assets. Solar Eclipses are all about new beginnings and when one falls in this critical area of your Solar Chart, it can feel almost like being reborn!

As well as treating yourself to an amazing new hairstyle and wardrobe, why not also take the opportunity to review your diet and fitness. The big astrological event of the year – the Total Eclipse on 21st August – will impact on the ‘Health and Wellbeing’ Sector of your Horoscope, focusing your attention on any physical ailments that need sorting out.

Pre-empt possible health problems in 2017 by getting into good shape right at the start of the year, Pisces. You’ll reap the benefits in the form of greater sex appeal, more zest for living, and not least a boosted libido. All of which can only have a positive effect on your love life!

Pisces 2017 Romance Horoscope Forecast

If you’re a single Fish, or you’re looking for a new love, you’ll be re-assessing your romantic options in the first few days of 2017. A Full Moon on 12th January in your Love Affairs Sector could bring an end to any relationship that has proven to be disappointing, as you finally realize it’s going nowhere.

It also draws a line under any mixed-up illusions you have been harboring about your ‘dream relationship’ or your ‘perfect lover’. As a big romantic fantasist, you’re prone to falling in love with people who are either unattainable or are totally different in reality to how you imagined them to be. An approach that only leads to a big sense of let-down when the bubble finally bursts.

Time to change all that, Pisces! This year take a leaf out of the book of your opposite sign (Virgo), and try adopting a more pragmatic outlook on love. Set the bar a little lower in terms of your romantic expectations and be prepared to settle for a less glamorous and more down-to-earth kind of relationship. Then, by the time sexy Mars begins its two-month sojourn through your Romance Sector in June and July, you’ll have a much better chance of finding ‘real’ love!

Pisces 2017 Partnerships Horoscope Forecast

If you’re in a committed relationship that’s losing a little of its energy and sparkle, the best time to revitalize it is in September and October, when fiery Mars will be in your Partnerships Sector for approximately two months. During this period the Venus/Mars conjunction on 5th October marks the best opportunity for re-igniting the flame of love in your relationship – mark it down in your diary right now!

Mars is well known as the planet of passion, but it also has another well earned reputation as the planet of war. As such, while it’s great for revving up your sex life if it’s getting a bit jaded, it also tends to increase the sense of rivalry between yourself and your Significant Other, and spark off a few heated fights.

Although you don’t want any arguments to get badly out of hand, they can actually be quite helpful in restoring the passion in a relationship that has become too boring and bland. As we all know, the best part of falling out is making up again, and there’s probably no better kind of sex than that which immediately follows a fight!
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Pisces 2017 Sex Horoscope Forecast

Possibly as a result of that New Year make-over we prescribed for you, you’re likely to be feeling much more sexually buoyant and confident this year, Pisces. Help is also at hand in the form of expansive Jupiter transiting the Intimacy Sector of your Solar Horoscope until October 10th.

Wherever Jupiter falls in your Horoscope, it boosts the number of opportunities available to you, so that here, in your Intimacy Sector, it suggests you’ll be enjoying a lot more sex! But whether or not this is actually the case, the point is you’ll be feeling less shy and vulnerable in your sexual relationships and much more resilient and in control.

While all of this is good news for you, Pisces, be careful not to become too presumptuous and cocksure of yourself. The two challenging Jupiter-Pluto Squares, falling on 30th March and 4th August, could cause you to overestimate your sexual power over your lover, in the mistaken assumption that nothing would ever make them leave. Over-confidence will prove the downfall of many of us during these dangerous Jupiter/Pluto clashes. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you!

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