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Leo 2017 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



Leo 2017 Love Horoscope Overview

Eclipse alert for all Leos! There are no less than three Eclipses impacting on your Star Sign during the course of 2017. However, it’s the Total Solar Eclipse in Leo on 21st August 2017 that promises the most important developments in your love life, especially if you were born in the last few days of the Sign.

Since this powerful Sun-Moon conjunction also forms a harmonious Trine aspect with Uranus, the planet of progressive change and evolution, we have every reason to believe that these relationship developments will be of a positive nature for you, and will assist greatly in your personal growth.

The transformational effect of the Total Solar Eclipse is also likely to be reflected in some interesting changes in your personal style and appearance, since it falls in the ‘Me’ Sector of your Solar Chart. Going for a daring new look this Summer will help your love life by massively boosting your confidence, which in turn makes you more appealing to other people. It’s also likely to attract some new and excitingly different types of friends and lovers to the ones you have known before.

Leo 2017 Romance Horoscope Forecast

As ‘sensible Saturn’ moves onwards in its slow transit through your Romance Sector (only one more year to go now, Leo!), your approach to love and commitment is gradually becoming more responsible and pragmatic.

One-night-stands may now be a thing of the past for you now, Leo. At the very least you’re likely to be feeling much less comfortable about letting your heart rule your head at the expense of all sanity and later suffering some big regrets.

But while you’re more cautious now about who you engage with romantically, and more capable of slowing the pace of a love affair until you’re certain it’s really right for you, as someone who’s perpetually ‘in love with love’, you’re still keen to play the field.

Trying out new love without making stupid mistakes becomes much easier this year courtesy of two lovely Saturn/Uranus Trines occurring around 19th May and 11th November. These harmonizing energies will help you to ‘sieve the wheat from the chaff’ in your choice of new lovers. They will also enable you to safely experiment with new relationships without severing your links with old flames.

Leo 2017 Partnerships Horoscope Forecast

If you’re in a committed relationship, Leo, you can expect it to go through two significant ‘rebirthing’ processes during the course of 2017. Any time from February 10th onwards, and again in the period after 7th August, look out for a gradual escalation in emotional conflict or tension with your partner, building to an explosive peak, before it is finally released.
These ‘culmination points’ mark the completion of longstanding patterns in your relationship, clearing the way for a fresh start. Lunar Eclipses are often feared because people associate them with painful goodbyes. But in reality Lunar Eclipses don’t have to be painful and neither do they have to mean the final end.

The 2017 Lunar Eclipses in your Partnerships Sector can be very helpful to you, Leo, by revealing hidden negative energies that have been subtly undermining your relationship without you being aware what was going on. When these emotional tensions finally come out into the open under the influence of the Eclipse, you gain the opportunity to face them head-on.

Don’t be afraid of a few emotional outbursts around the time of the two Lunar Eclipses, Leo. They’re necessary to refresh and rejuvenate your partnership and are the best way to handle this ‘moving on’ energy. Attempting to suppress them won’t help you to save your relationship; in fact you’re more likely to kill it stone dead.
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Leo 2016 Sex Horoscope Forecast

Fantasy represents a strong theme in your sex life, Leo, during the first half of 2017. It all begins on New Years Day with the coming together of Mars, the planet of passion, and Neptune, the planet of imagination, in your Solar Intimacy Sector.

With a similar meet-up twelve days later between Neptune and Venus in the same place in your Solar Horoscope, it seems possible that around this time you’ll be smitten by a secret crush, based on deeply erotic sexual fantasies.

These two transits are significant since they are followed on February 26th by a major Solar Eclipse in the Intimacy Sector of your Solar Horoscope. If you’re single or looking for new love, this could mean the birth of an important new sexual liaison. In other words, what initially began as a sexual fantasy could now develop into a full-blown real-life love affair.

If, on the other hand, you’re already happily committed to your partner, you’ll need to be careful not to put your relationship at risk through some kind of infidelity – whether physical or simply emotional.

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