Leo 2018 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



It’s another year of intense Eclipse activity in your Solar Chart, Leo – and also the last year for quite a long while before you will see this kind of thing again. So be sure to make the most of the intensified cosmic energy coming your way, to move on your love life along the right lines.

Amazingly, in total you have no less than four Eclipses impacting on your ‘Me’ Sector and your ‘Relationships’ Sector during the course of 2018. These contrasting influences, aligned exactly opposite each other in your Solar Chart, will oblige you to face a classic ‘self/other’ dichotomy throughout this year, pulling you in two different directions all at once.

On the one hand, you will be strongly focused on your own needs and aspirations (even more so than usual, Leo!), possibly as a result of important developments in your personal life occurring around the end of January and again in the middle of August.

On the other hand, significant upcoming changes in your love life are likely to demand your attention around the middle of February and at the end of July, diverting your focus away from your personal issues towards your partner’s needs and desires.

While obviously it’s necessary for you to take your lover’s needs seriously, you have to realize you simply won’t be happy in yourself if you sacrifice too many of your own needs for the sake of theirs. As a Leo, you have to be at the center of your own universe in order to feel truly alive and fulfilled. That’s not about being selfish – it’s a matter of personal survival for you.

This year, Leo, although sex and romance will of course still be very important to you, you need to keep them strictly in their place. If you allow somebody else to take center stage in your life – if you start worshipping your lover before yourself – it could be game over for you Leo, and goodbye to all those glittering personal dreams and ambitions still waiting to take shape.

So work towards striking the right balance between togetherness and individuality in 2018, Leo, and by the time bountiful Jupiter enters your Love Affairs Sector at the start of November, you’ll be all set to make the very most of the abundance of romantic opportunities likely to come your way.

Not all of these opportunities will be good ones, however, nor especially beneficial to you. So learning to sort the wheat from the chaff, and choosing the kind of relationship that complements you rather than completely swallows you up, will be critically important for your future happiness, Leo, at the end of the year.