Gemini 2018 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



The big question you need to ask yourself in 2018, Gemini, is what kind of romantic relationship you’re looking for this year. Are you happy to have lots of fun with live-in-the-moment, no-strings-attached love affairs? Or have you reached a stage where you crave a true love partnership with someone you can connect with on a much deeper and more meaningful level?

This year all you flirtatious Geminis – both the singletons and those of you who are already part of a couple – will be challenged to adopt a more serious and responsible approach to love. Saturn, the great cosmic teacher, which entered your Solar House of Intimacy at the end of 2017, is urging you to ‘grow up’ a bit and show a little more maturity in your sexual behavior.

Over the next two and a half years, Saturn will be showing you that sexual liaisons with no genuine emotional depth or commitment ultimately prove cold, empty and unfulfilling. At the same time, it will teach you that when you have the courage to fully give of yourself – body, mind and soul – to your lover, the rewards can be truly life changing.

To avoid the deep feelings of loneliness Saturn can create when you’re not heeding its important life lessons, and to benefit from the uplifting sense of security and wellbeing it brings when you’re fully on board with them, try reaching out more at a soul level to others this year, Gemini, and opening your heart to true love.

There’s an important clue as to how you can best go about this in the form of two powerful Eclipses in your Communications Sector. The Lunar Eclipse on 31st January will help you to see how the language you’re using to express your thoughts and feelings may be driving a wedge between yourself and your loved ones, rather than bringing you closer together.

Then, the Solar Eclipse on 11th August will pave the way for you to begin showing a little more sensitivity and sincerity in your choice of words, as a means to deepening and strengthening your romantic relationships. Remember, Lunar Eclipses are always about endings and Solar Eclipses point to new beginnings.

Get in teacher Saturn’s good books by working conscientiously with these relating challenges, and you’ll be all set to gain the full benefit from lucky Jupiter’s entry into your Solar Partnerships Sector at the start of November. Saturn and Jupiter tend to work as a pair in astrology, with Saturn showing us what we need to learn next, and Jupiter bringing the rewards for good work.

By early November, you should have a much better idea of what you want from your romantic relationships, Gemini. You’ll also know just how far you’re willing and able to go in terms of emotional involvement and commitment without stepping too far out of your comfort zone. Whatever your conclusions, November 2018 should bring you the opportunity for a new and better kind of love.