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Gemini 2017 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



Gemini 2017 Love Horoscope Overview

Good communication is your key to a happy love life in 2017, Gemini! That’s not saying that your communication skills aren’t already among the best in the entire Zodiac and you have an awesomely clever way with words. But with a Total Solar Eclipse set to hit your Communication Sector on 21st August, you’d be wise to think more carefully about what you’re saying to others – and how you’re saying it – in order to avoid some seriously crossed wires.

December is another point in the year when you could get yourself into some major trouble in a close relationship by giving the wrong impression through the use of inappropriate language. While most of the time people love your witty love banter, when Mercury goes Retrograde in your Partnerships Sector right on the December Full Moon, it could end up causing more harm than good.

Gemini 2017 Romance Horoscope Forecast

It’s great news on the romance front in 2017, Gemini! Jupiter, the planet of opportunities and success, is cruising through your Love Affairs Sector until the second week of October.

If all you’re looking for are casual relationships, there should be no lack of chances this year to enjoy lots of fun during this time. If, on the other hand, you’re more focused on finding true love, lucky Jupiter will be boosting your prospects of finally meeting the ‘One’.

As ever however with Jupiter, maintaining a strong belief that the Universe will gift you with what you want – or something even better – is a vital part of fulfilling your romantic dreams. Start practicing positive thinking when Jupiter turns Retrograde early in February and by the time it goes Direct in the second week of June, you may see at least some of your dreams coming true!

Gemini 2017 Partnerships Horoscope Forecast

Saturn, the planet of hard karma, resident in your Partnerships Sector until the middle of December, is still trying to teach you something critically important about the way you’re handling your one-on-one relationships. There are just eleven months left, Gemini, to swot up on any outstanding spiritual lessons that may be standing in the way of your happiness before Saturn moves on, never to return for another twenty eight years!

If you’re serious about being in a ‘grown up’ relationship, it’s important to settle on a viable structure and a good working plan for your marriage or partnership. Saturn in your Solar 7th House is a time for laying down rules of conduct which you believe you are capable of adhering to. Of course, ‘must’s’ and ‘should’s’ aren’t usually part of your vocabulary, Gemini. But unless you use this opportunity to set, and stick to, appropriate standards and boundaries, chaos will continue to prevail unchecked in your close relationships.
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Gemini 2017 Sex Horoscope Forecast

Enjoying light-hearted, no-strings sex hasn’t been quite so easy for any Gemini folk since Pluto, the planet of transformation, took up residence in their Intimacy Sector more than seven years ago. Since then, a marked change has been slowly unfolding in Geminis’ sexual attitudes and values, making it much harder for them to blithely walk away from their moral commitments without carefully examining their conscience.

Using power wisely in your sexual relationships remains a headline theme in the challenges presented by your 2017 Love Horoscope, Gemini, and this year’s two Pluto-Jupiter squares on 30th March and 4th August represent the key periods when your moral values will be tested to the core.

Around these times you’re likely to experience an overwhelming urge to get your own way in your love life, even if this means treating your Significant Other unscrupulously and unfairly, breaking some ‘unbreakable’ principles, or crossing some critical ‘red lines’.

Because Jupiter’s influence is always expansive, you may initially believe you have achieved your goals and moved into the position of power or control you were seeking. But since Pluto is known as the ‘Great Destroyer’, be careful: the ‘dark planet’ may cause you to eventually end up losing not only all your recent gains – but a great deal more besides.

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