Capricorn 2018 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



2018 is the year when you’re really coming into your own, Capricorn! Saturn, your ruling planet, has just entered your Star Sign for the first time in twenty eight years, bringing to the fore your unparalleled capacity for success and achievement!

In all sectors of your life, and not least in your love life, you will be more focused on laying down firm foundations on which you can build for a more secure and fulfilling future. If you are already in a steady relationship, you may be thinking about putting it on a more formal footing. If you’re single, this is a year when you’re likely to get serious about finally finding the ‘One’.

While Saturn in your Star Sign is good for you in that it helps you to start actualizing some important life ambitions, there’s also a chance it could also make you a little more anxious than usual about the accompanying responsibilities which are involved.

Don’t allow fears and anxieties about potential commitments to weigh too heavily on your shoulders, Capricorn, in 2018. Although it’s in your nature to formulate a definite plan or strategy and stick with it through to the end, you’ll feel a lot happier and more relaxed right now if you avoid being too rigid about your future goals.

This year you’ll do best, Capricorn, by being prepared to be more adaptable and revise your romantic plans whenever it seems appropriate. Be careful not to be too fixated on your usual way of doing things, or dealing with other people, or you may limit the possibilities available to you in 2018.

All of this becomes a great deal easier for you from the middle of May 2018, when Uranus, the planet of experimentation, enters your Love Affairs Sector, helping you to be much more open to changes in your relationships that present themselves in a positive way.

Indeed, the way a major relationship in your life suddenly starts to develop and grow this year may truly surprise you, Capricorn. While you may have certain fixed ideas on what a particular relationship is about and where it is headed, these may actually be quite contrary to what is destined to be.

Although you will definitely be making forwards progress in your love life in 2018, it may be along somewhat different lines to those which you envisaged. During July and August, two Solar Eclipses occurring in your Partnership and Intimacy Sectors could shift the course of a relationship in a new and unexpected direction.

If so, encourage it to reach its true promise and potential by not trying to restrict or contain it and allowing it to blossom in its own way. Change is on the horizon for you in 2018, Capricorn, and it will lead you towards a glittering future – provided you don’t try to cling to the past.