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Capricorn 2017 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



Capricorn 2017 Love Horoscope Overview

In astrology, Solar Eclipses are the green light for new beginnings – and in 2017 there are two important ones to look forward to, Capricorn, in your love life.

On the one hand, a Total Solar Eclipse in your Intimacy Sector points to the possibility of a much more fulfilling sex life. At the same time, a major shift in your communication style impacts positively on your relationships, helping you to convey your thoughts and feelings in a way that others can more easily understand.

The year ahead is lit brightly for you, Capricorn! So don’t let it be spoiled by any of those old doubts and fears that so often plague you and cast a damper on your fun. Because your Ruler Saturn, the planet of responsibility, is resident for another 12 months in your Subconscious Sector, your tendency may still be to beat yourself up unnecessarily over ‘shoulds’ and ‘oughts’ you believe you have fallen short on.

As someone who always tries to do their dutiful best in life, not least in terms of how you treat those close to you, you have little to feel guilty about, Capricorn. Actually, you’re more likely to make the error of taking on too many commitments and responsibilities in your relationships, rather than not enough.

So ease up a little on yourself in 2017 Capricorn, shake off a few of your burdens, and free up a little more time for play and lightheartedness. Then sit back and start enjoying all the good relationship karma awaiting you this year!

Capricorn 2017 Romance Horoscope Forecast

What, Capricorn, do you consider to be the most important factors in a successful love affair? Well, as an Earth Sign, being compatible with your lover at a practical level probably tops the list.

Of course, you know that a strong sexual attraction is an essential element of falling in love. But – if you’re totally honest with yourself – in your eyes probably no more important than sharing the same kind of material values with your lover. Put another way, what good is a love affair to you, Capricorn, if it doesn’t have a concrete goal?

But while it makes good common sense, this highly pragmatic approach puts you at risk of focusing too much on worldly goals at the expense of developing a strong emotional connection with your lover – something that probably doesn’t come that easily to you given your strict self-control.

Whereas your emotions run just as deep as anyone else’s, overcoming your instinctive shyness about expressing them can be quite difficult at times. Help is at hand this year, though, in the form of the Pisces Solar Eclipse on 26th February which falls in your Communications Sector, marking a turning point in the way you get your feelings across to your lover.

Because this Watery Eclipse brings you into much closer touch with your deepest emotions, it makes it a lot easier for you to open up about them to your partner. After all, if you don’t actually know what’s going on in your heart, how can you possibly communicate it clearly to somebody else?

Take advantage, Capricorn, of this newfound emotional self-awareness to awaken your inner poet and practice translating your romantic feelings into beautiful words!

Capricorn 2017 Partnerships Horoscope Forecast

If you’re married, engaged, or in a committed partnership, provided you’re prepared to devote as much quality time to your Significant Other as you do to your career or your social life, your Solar Horoscope points to a fairly steady year ahead.

The only threat to your happiness lies in a tendency on your part to channel too much of your time and energy into your life outside of your relationship, causing your partner to feel neglected and unloved.

Expansive Jupiter in your Solar Career Sector until 10th October may be inflating your professional ambitions this year to fanatical levels, robbing you of essential togetherness time with your partner. Then, having moved into your Solar Eleventh House, it gives a massive boost to your social life, encouraging you to spend too much time with your friends and networking contacts at the expense of your ‘other half’,

How important is a harmonious marriage or partnership to you Capricorn? The cosmic guidance this year is not to take your good fortune for granted, and remember that old saying: you never really know what you have until it’s gone!
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Capricorn 2017 Sex Horoscope Forecast

Two powerful Solar Eclipses (just mega New Moons) open up the possibility this year of initiating a much closer emotional/sexual connection with your lover both at a verbal and a physical level.

The first of these, the Pisces Solar Eclipse on February 26th in your Communications Sector, should make it much easier for you to access and share your deepest feelings in the form of words.

The second Eclipse, a Total Solar Eclipse in your Sex and Intimacy Sector on 21st August, then helps you to start channeling more heart-felt feeling into your lovemaking technique. So that sex now becomes much more of an emotional experience for the two of you, Capricorn, rather than a purely sensual one.

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