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Cancer 2017 Love, Sex and Romance Horoscope



Cancer 2017 Love Horoscope Overview

Don’t be surprised if you experience an unusually strong nesting urge through 2017, Cancer! Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is transiting through your Home and Family Sector until the last quarter of the year, revving up your inborn home-making drive and increasing your desire to put down some permanent roots.

If you haven’t done so already, this is a great year for settling down with your sweetheart, with good opportunities for finding somewhere nice to live together. Don’t be afraid to ask your family to help you financially, as they’re likely to be in a generous mood right now. If it’s appropriate, it could also be an excellent year for having a child together, but first make sure your relationship is in sufficiently good shape.

Be prepared for some challenging control battles with your partner, centering on who pulls the strings on the home front, in 2017. Pluto, the planet of destruction, squares up menacingly to benevolent Jupiter twice this year, firstly at the end of March and again in early August, threatening to wreck your domestic bliss by pitting the two of you against one another in a bitter power struggle. Avoid this by being more willing to compromise and let go of the need to win.

Cancer 2017 Romance Horoscope Forecast

If you’re single and looking for love, you should focus your main search on the last quarter of the year. After lucky Jupiter enters your Romance Sector on 10th October, you’re likely to be showered with an abundance of opportunities for new love affairs. Not all of these opportunities will be good ones however, or beneficial to you. Learning to sort the wheat from the chaff, and bearing in mind that ‘all that glitters is not gold’ will lead you to the right person and save you a lot of wasted time.

13th November 2017, when Venus meets up with expansive Jupiter in Scorpio in your Love Affairs Sector, stands out as a very special day for romance for you, Cancer. It’s the kind of day when emotionally, you’re likely to go a bit overboard, which is great where positive feelings like pleasure and happiness are concerned. Be aware also, however, that your more negative emotions – like possessiveness and jealousy – will also tend to be exaggerated.

Cancer 2017 Partnerships Horoscope Forecast

Are you still feeling a little vulnerable and unsure about your relationship with your Significant Other, Cancer? With Pluto, the planet that rules our insecurities, still ‘doing its thing’ in your Solar Partnerships Sector, that wouldn’t be at all surprising.

The Plutonic power struggles that threaten to sabotage the domestic happiness on offer to you courtesy of Jupiter in your Home Sector are subtly undermining the stability of your marriage or partnership. That is, unless you make a point of de-energising them by calling a truce.

The two biggest threats to the unity of your partnership center around the 30th March and 4th August – the dates of this year’s major Jupiter-Pluto squares. At these times you’re challenged to weigh your moral beliefs and values (Jupiter) against your desire for control (Pluto) in your partnership. How far will you go to get your own way? How many ‘red lines’ will you cross? How many ‘golden rules’ are you willing to break? These are the critical questions the Cosmos is forcing you to answer right now.
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Cancer 2017 Sex Horoscope Forecast

Disagreements about the use of shared financial resources are the one stumbling block in what could potentially be a very good year for your sex life, Cancer.

If you’re in a committed relationship, you’ll be feeling the desire for ever deeper levels of closeness and intimacy with your partner, which in turn will enable you to achieve bigger and better orgasms. Moving in with your lover can have a particularly positive effect on your lovemaking When you’re together every night and there’s less sense of rush and urgency, you’re able to really take your time, focusing on what gives each of you most pleasure.

Be very careful, however, that two Lunar Eclipses on February 10th and August 7th impacting on your Solar Eighth House (the house of joint assets) don’t drive a wedge between you and your lover by causing you to fight about money. If a couple aren’t in unison on their approach to spending, they’re also unlikely to be at-one emotionally and sexually – something that applies equally to longstanding relationships and to new love affairs.

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