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Mercury in Taurus



This is a highly practical, down-to-earth mind that sees things in tangible, 3-D terms, with good visual and mechanical skills and a natural affinity for business and finance. However, it often struggles with abstract concepts and finds it hard to relate to ideas that don’t have a sound, concrete basis.

People with Mercury in Taurus are strong on common sense but may be lacking a little in imagination and originality. They tend to be quite traditional and conservative in their thinking and are cautious of ‘new-fangled’ untested approaches. Slow to make decisions, these types need plenty of time to thoroughly consider all the practical implications of an issue. Having finally made their mind up, however, they will be very resistant to changing it again (and often stubbornly so).

Material, financial and pragmatic considerations are the main factors involved in the shaping of their opinions – idealism or logic being less important to them than the basic usefulness of an idea. Sometimes their minds can dwell excessively on material and financial security. But essentially this is a calm, placid mindset that finds little to worry about in life.


The Mercury in Taurus communicative style is slow, deliberating and somewhat cautious. These people are reluctant to express an opinion until they have thought it through thoroughly and are convinced of its practicality. As a result they’re often slow to respond to questions and may take a long time to get to the point, which can be irritating to more quick-witted and less patient individuals. Despite this, their gentle, harmonious voice and placid, unhurried, somewhat laconic speech tend to have an agreeably calming effect on listeners.

Mercury in Taurus individuals excel in giving practical, commonsense advice and are the ones others turn to for down to earth wisdom. However, they may be less easily able to offer deep emotional insights or support, often feeling uncomfortable talking about feelings not based on physical facts. In arguments and debates, intellectual obstinacy, and a refusal to yield to reasoning and truth, can get in the way of honest, fair-minded discussion. Yet these people rarely raise their voice or lose their temper, such is their mental composure and serenity of mind.


Strong practical intelligence and common sense; mentally calm and placid; sustained concentration; attractive speaking voice; good head for money and business affairs.


Unimaginative or lacking in vision; mentally slow and plodding; stubborn-minded and inflexible; can't easily grasp new or abstract ideas; possess an overly material mindset.

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