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Mercury in Gemini



People with Mercury in Gemini are highly rational, quick-witted and usually well educated. This Mercury placement gives a fact-oriented, knowledge-seeking mind that is very strong on reasoning. But because emotion and sentiment have no place in the workings of the Mercury in Gemini mentality, at times these types can be coldly over-logical.

Lightning-fast thinkers with an excellent vocabulary, Mercury in Gemini people usually have a high IQ and make good scholars. Much of their knowledge is gained through self-education due to their insatiable thirst for information and cutting-edge news. Their brains and nervous systems operate at a much faster rate than most other people, simultaneously processing data from multiple sources.

Mercury in Gemini types easily get bored and may have difficulty with sustained mental concentration. They may be susceptible to nervous stress unless they employ mentally calming techniques.


Mercury in Gemini folk are talkative, witty and highly articulate. Gifted communicators, both in speech and writing, they have the ability to convey information in a particularly rational, concise and interesting manner. For this reason they make excellent teachers and salespeople.

These types are versatile conversationalists who are never at a loss for something amusing to say. However, they can come across as rather cool and insensitive and have a habit of rapidly flitting from one topic to another. Some may be prone to excess verbosity, the desire to talk being so powerful, they have difficulty in holding their tongue.

Mercury in Gemini individuals can be impatient and dismissive of illogical types or those slower on the uptake than themselves. Especially when they are bored or irritated, their speech is likely to be sarcastic and rude. Masters of quick and clever come-backs, they may be seen as irritating ‘smart-asses’ by victims of their piercingly sharp wit.


Intelligent and quick on the uptake; clear-headed and logical; articulate and eloquent; good students/teachers; talented conversationalists.


Mentally restless and easily distracted; coldly over-logical; rude, cutting and sarcastic; gossips and babblers; high-strung and irritable.

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